Our First Thanksgiving

This year Kevin and I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey, gravy, green bean casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, pumpkin bread, and stuffing. We also started out the night with some very-Italian appetizers!

Our appetizers before they were demolished.

Since Kevin only had Thursday and Friday off, there were a few other students that couldn’t get home for Thanksgiving so we decided to open our home up to them.

Kevin and our guests ready to dig in!

We cooked our turkey using a recipe I found in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. It turned out amazing. The turkey has to be fully defrosted by the day before. It’s then soaked over night in apple juice and white wine with fresh apples, onions, sage, and rosemary. We put butter and sage under the skin on the breast and cooked it breast-side down for the first half of cooking.

Me basting the turkey!

We’ve heard horror stories about people making their first turkey, so we were a little nervous, but it turned out great! Very juicy and some amazing herb gravy made with the pan drippings. One of our guests even told us he’s never seen a turkey turn out that golden. We were really excited. It was probably my favorite Thanksgiving meal I’ve had. Though we missed spending the time with our family, it was nice to have some friends over and still get to enjoy the holiday. We finished things off with some apple pie and vanilla ice cream (We’re not pumpkin pie fans, sorry!).

Me and Kevin with our first turkey.

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