The Poison Tree

Last night I finished reading The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly. I have to just go ahead and say it. I was not impressed. Honestly, I was kind of bored. I should clarify… the book started out great. I was really into it, turning pages waiting to find out what happened. This novel is broken up into then-and-now chapters flashing back to how the characters ended up where they were today. It’s obvious there’s a big event that occurs and it’s obvious what the event was, but the details of the event remain a mystery throughout the beginning of the novel causing the reader to want to continue reading to find out exactly what happened.  Then I got to the middle of the book and hit a plateau … a few 100 pages plateau. I felt like the book dragged on, Kelly continued the story line with details that weren’t really turning points to the story. I guess they helped “develop” the story, but I felt as though a lot of those little mini-stories could have  been left out and the reader would still get the same experience. It took me days to get through what would normally take me a few hours to read.  Then the big event came… and then it went. Not too exciting, actually, pretty disappointing. That was it? Not much secret there, but it could be because Kelly did such a strong job developing the characters that the details of the big event was fairly predictable. The end of the novel began to pick up, but in a way I feel that the events placed towards the end should have been in the middle and extended with a little more depth. Hmm, it’s hard to review this book without giving anything away! The ending left me feeling indifferent.  I wouldn’t be opposed to reading another of Kelly’s novels, but I also wouldn’t be opposed to not-finishing it this time if I felt it dragged on.

Up next: The Power of Three by Laura Lippman
(I actually started this last night and am excited about it as it seems very promising.)

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