To The Power of 3

I actually finished reading this book Sunday night, but since I had TWO blog posts that day already, I thought it could wait. OK! So, finally a golden nugget from this past library trip. I actually picked this book up after reading Lippman’s I’d Know You Anywhere which was on a random featured shelf area in the library. At the time I had no clue she had a ton of other books and I’m not ashamed of that as I have just started getting into the “mystery/detective” genre, but I wandered over and found her whole section. First off, I have to admit – I judge a book by its cover. More specifically, its title. First the title has to intrigue me, then the cover art has to be interesting, and then I read the blurb. Sometimes the blurb may not even seem that interesting, but if I like the cover art and/or title I may still go for it. Maybe this is my downfall of picking books at the library, but I digress.

ANYWAY – this book opens by jumping right into the action. I like that! The premise of the book is that three girls have been best friends since third grade, but now in their senior year one of them shoots the other two before shooting herself in the girl’s bathroom. The book goes back and fourth between the present time – trying to solve what exactly happened and why it happened – and also chronicles  from the third grade to the present the friendship of these three girls. There are a few other characters woven into the plot. I really liked this book because even though I thought I knew the ending, it wasn’t so obvious that I felt like I was wasting my time. Instead, I wanted to keep reading to find out if I had figured it out (I wasn’t right, which made it even better). I had read a review on Amazon from a woman that said she’d gotten up early to finish the book and was sorry that she did so. While it wasn’t some big amazing ending, I did finish the novel feeling satisfied – all the ends were tied and there was just a little surprise twist.

I highly recommend this one if you like mystery/detective/suspense novels.

Up next: Sister North: A Novel by Jim Kokoris
(I actually started this one yesterday and even though I am only on Chapter 3 and haven’t actually gotten to any mention of Sister North yet, I’m enjoying it already!)

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