A Look Back at 2011

2011 was a big year for me! A lot of life-changing stuff happened. Here’s a look back at some highlights from 2011.

1. I Got Engaged
Probably the biggest of the big for the year. My wonderful fiance asked me to marry him on April 30.

Right after Kevin proposed.. ring twisted to the side, oops!

2. Kevin Got his Graduate Degree
In May Kevin graduated with his Masters of Music from UNCG.

3. We Moved to Ohio
In May we packed up the U-Haul and headed out to the Columbus, Ohio, area so Kevin could start his doctoral degree at The Ohio State University. With this came moving in together for the first time. I love our little town home.

4. I Got a New Job
After a ridiculous number of interviews and one close call, I finally accepted an awesome job as a marketing coordinator for a local moving company.

5. My Big Sister Got Engaged
A few months after I got engaged, my sister’s long-time boyfriend finally popped the question! I’m very excited for him to become my brother-in-law.

6. BOTH of My Best Friend’s Got Married – a Week Apart!
On September 4 my best friend from high school, Ashley, married Brian. On September 10 my best friend from college, Liz (or Lizzidoodle, as I call her), married her sweetie Jayden. I was a bridesmaid in both weddings.

With my college bestie, Liz, at her wedding!

7. We Hosted Our First Thanksgiving
Since Kevin and I couldn’t be with our families for Thanksgiving, we decided to host our own this year.

Our first time hosting Thanksgiving!

 8. We “Shared” Christmas
Up until this year, Kevin and I had never spent Christmas with each other’s families. While that seems weird to some, to us it made sense – we weren’t engaged or married so we spent Christmas with our respective families. This was the first year we “shared” Christmas. We flew back to Virginia on Thursday night and spent the night at my parent’s place. Early Friday morning we headed to Kevin’s parent’s house and stayed there for Friday and Christmas Eve on Saturday. Early Christmas morning we headed back to my parent’s place and stayed there until Monday evening when we flew back to Ohio!

Those are just a few of the eventful things that happened in 2011. I have a lot to look forward to in 2012 including:
1. Our wedding
2. Our honeymoon
3. My big sister’s wedding
4. Possibly, pooooossibly (but not positively), getting a pup once all of these big events are done!

2011 was an exciting and eventful year and 2012 is looking like it will be just as exciting and eventful.

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