What I Got for Christmas

Christmas 2011 was my first “shared” Christmas… meaning I spent time with both Kevin’s family and my family.

I worked a half day and then headed home to finish packing up. We flew to Virginia in the evening and my parent’s picked us up at the airport and we stayed the night at their place.

Early Friday morning we drove over to Kevin’s parent’s house and spent the day running errands and relaxing. Friday night I got my nails done with Kevin’s sister, Emily.

Christmas Eve was spent at Kevin’s parent’s house. His brother Nick, sister-in-law Lindsey, and Lindsey’s parents came over. We had mussels made by Kevin and for dinner we had chili and cornbread. We exchanged gifts with just Nick, Lindsey, and her parents, since the rest of Kevin’s family was going to Nick’s house on Christmas. After they left we exchanged gifts with Kevin’s parents and his sister, Emily, before heading to church.

Early Sunday morning we headed back to my parent’s house to celebrate Christmas. My sister and her fiance, Brad, were also there as well as their dog, Delilah. We had a great time drinking mimosas, exchanging gifts, and watching movies. Unfortunately I had been hit with a bad cold so my sister took me over to Urgent Care to get a strep test. Luckily I was strep-free! It was a bummer, but it still didn’t ruin the day. For dinner we had ham, stuffed shells, green bean casserole, stuffed mushrooms, and some kind of corn with cornbread thing. The night concluded with my sister taking me on a “light tour” of the town – it’s a tradition that is always unimpressive.

Monday morning I had my first wedding dress fitting. My sister and mom came along and I picked out my veil. For some reason my sister blabbed to Kevin about the back of my dress! Later we all went out for lunch before Amy and Brad headed home. Monday afternoon Kevin, my mom, and I bet with our cake baker to pick out a design for our wedding cake.  After some leftover pizza with my parents, we headed to the airport to fly back to Ohio.

It was a kind of hectic and tiring Christmas traveling so much, but we still enjoyed spending time with our families. I’d give you highlights of my gifts, but it was ALL great stuff so here’s what I got!
-A jewelry box (he stained it and lined the inside with felt), a new watch, a new ear warmer for running, a pedometer that records my distance, new running-wrist bands, and an iTunes gift card from Kevin. Can you say spoiled?
-An engagement photo session from Emily
-Wine glasses, beer glasses, a bar tool set, and a purse from Nick & Lindsey
-A mini-deep fryer (we were registered for that!) from Nick & Lindsey’s parents
-A sewing machine, a cardigan, and a stocking full of stuff from Kevin’s parents
-A Kindle, kindle attachment, and money for a case, and a stocking full of stuff from my parents
-A CD and a “Leg Lamp” stocking (best gift ever!) from my sister
-A nice bottle of wine from Brad

After such a busy Christmas, we’re looking forward to a nice relaxing New Year’s Eve at home.

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