Sister North: A Novel

I started reading Sister North by Jim Kokoris shortly after Thanksgiving, but due to the holidays it took me a little bit longer to finish. It was actually a pretty easy read and I really like Kokoris’ writing style. The premise of the novel is that Sam is a lawyer that escapes death. He’s haunted by the fact that his assistant was the one that was killed and he turns to wasting away watching TV. He discovers one of those late-night religious shows featuring Sister North and after failed attempts to contact her by calling in, decides he should set out to meet her to help him figure out why he is still alive. The story follows his experience as he arrives at a small lake town and waits for the return of Sister North. Rumors spread that she is back when she is not, that she is ill, and also that she is dead.

While I really enjoyed Kokoris’ writing style, I felt the book dragged on a bit and wasn’t as eventful as I had hoped. I really liked how he developed the characters and I felt I could visualize the small town and the visitors and residents. To be honest, the ending of the book really stunk. It was super disappointing, kind of lame really, but the ending didn’t leave me feeling like reading the book was a waste. I think overall I would recommend this book, just don’t be expecting an amazing spectacular ending.

Up next: Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon
(My first read on my new Kindle!)

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