Promise Not to Tell

“I’ve got a secret to show you. Promise not to tell.”

I cheated a little, I actually started this book on Christmas when I got my Kindle. I’m big on saving money on books and using the library/taking advantage of free/discounted downloads on Kindle, but I quickly discovered the only way I would be able to read this book would be to buy it – so it was my first Kindle purchase! Even though I started it in 2011, I read the bulk of this book yesterday while lounging around the house thus making it my first official read of 2012. After reading McMahon’s Dismantled (my favorite read of 2011), I was interested in reading some of her other novels.

Promise Not to Tell circles around Kate, a woman returning to her hometown to take care of her mother who has Alzheimer’s. When Kate was young her neighbor was murdered. The first night she returns to her hometown there is a murder that is eerily similar to the one that occurred when Kate was a child. There’s not much more I can describe without giving it away, but the novel twists and turns through a series of events that takes Kate back to her childhood and ultimately reveals the murderer.

I loved this book. It wasn’t quite as crazy as Dismantled, but it was just as much of as page-turner. I love McMahon’s stories. It’s a great mix between mystery and thriller. Her writing really pulls me in and at times I think her storytelling is almost a little scary (in a good way). She doesn’t overload with a ton of characters and the circumstances of the stories are strange, but not unimaginable. I would highly recommend this book!

Up Next: Beethoven’s Shadow by Jonathan Bliss

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