Choosing Bridesmaid’s Gifts

I haven’t posted in a while because honestly not much as been going on. Work in the new year has been busy and I’ve been getting over a cold. Exciting stuff.

We’re now 6 months away from the wedding and time to really get down to business. Most of our big things are taken care of, just a few details like flowers and transportation are left to plan. I had my first dress fitting the day after Christmas and I need very little alteration to my dress. I’ve had a few comments from friends with how “on top of things” we are, but quite honestly it has been much easier to spread the money spending out across the 9 months of planning than to jam it all in at the end. Which brings me to my bridesmaid’s gifts!

I ordered my bridesmaid’s gifts last week. I can’t reveal what they are in case any of them pop on here and read this entry, but I think they’re pretty sweet gifts. I’ll still be gifting them jewelry to wear on the big day, but I wanted to get them something else that’s special.

I feel like the wedding party gifts are something that get a little overlooked, especially for the bridesmaids. Weddings are expensive and it’s hard to think of spending that much more money – but bridesmaids are special! Of course these girls chose to be a part of your big day and spend the money it takes to be part of the wedding, but at the same time I think the bride needs to remember why she asked these girls to be there. For me, all of the girls in my wedding party have been a really special part of my life. They are my closest friends and I couldn’t imagine them not being next to me to celebrate. One of my bridesmaids is even sucking it up and being a part of my wedding even though she is in her own sister’s wedding the day before mine. That’s a great friend.

Getting the bridesmaids jewelry to wear on the big day is a nice detail and one less thing they need to spend money on for the girls involved, but I feel like only getting them jewelry is, well… a little rude. To me it’s almost like saying, “Thanks for being a part of my big day! I appreciate you spending all this money to be a part of my day so here’s something else to wear on my day that you may never wear again!” Just like the dress and shoes, chances are your taste in jewelry won’t be the same as all of your maids and some or all may never wear it again.

Let’s break down a bridesmaid’s cost (on average) of wedding weekend costs (mind you I’m leaving out bridal shower and bachelorette party):
Dress – $150
Shoes – $50
Hair – $70
Total – $270

That’s not counting the price of TWO nights at the hotel so they can make it to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, a gift, the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party. Bridesmaids can end up spending well over $500 to make your day that much more special. A lot of brides now chose to let their bridesmaids chose their own dresses and shoes – but let’s be honest, regardless of how this “saves” them money, they probably wouldn’t be spending money on those things if they weren’t in the wedding.

My point is, being a bridesmaid is expensive and they do it for the bride! So why only thank them with a gift that is related to your big day? Please brides, let’s reevaluate why we’ve chosen these girls to be a part of the big day and give them something they may actually want and use to thank them for not only being a part of the wedding day, but a part of our lives!

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