Island of the Lost Girls

“There he was – Peter Pan lighting down on the window, crawling through like a cat burglar, a thief of children, a fairy king.”

Do I really have to review this one? There is really nothing to say other than I absolutely love Jennifer McMahon’s books and Island of the Lost Girls is no different. Rhonda witnesses a kidnapping at a gas station, but is in shock as a large white rabbit takes a little girl from her car into his and drives away. Flashbacks from Rhonda’s past as a little girl and a summer that her and her best friends put on an in-the-woods production of Peter Pan tie into present time bringing the two worlds together as Rhonda tries to help find the lost girl. It is the typical McMahon format that just works oh so well. Twists and turns and always unexpected situations. The story resolves mysteries from Rhonda’s past and this is another can’t-put-it-down story.

It was on e-book special for a reduced cost and I was thrilled. Now I have two McMahon books left to read, but luckily she is working on another one!

Next up: The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf
This is my first library-borrowed e-book!

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