2012 Grammy Awards!

I had high hopes going into this year’s Grammy’s. Granted all but about 4 or 5 awards are given out before the live broadcast actually starts, there was an awesome roaster of performers lined up this year – much better than last year. I will probably use the world “talented” a ton. That’s pretty much the only reason I watched!

This years Grammy’s gave me hope that good music is making a comeback. Maybe it’s a false hope. Looking over the nominees I was pleasantly surprised. Of course you can’t get away from those few pop stars that just have that star power. But overall, from the nominees to the performers it was a much different show than years past. I mean, maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I feel like in the past years they’ve been throwing in “big name” performers to get viewers and they’re not always the best to represent what the “music industry” has to offer. Which is a lot, if the general public will listen, buy albums, and concert tickets – because when it comes down to it it is the music industry and they will push whatever makes money.

Kicking it off with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Great move. Love them. He’s the Boss and he rocked that stage. I’m also a Jersey girl so I’m biased, but you can’t deny his talent. I was very happy to have the stereo hooked up to the TV so I could really blast “We Take Care of Our Own” and dance around a little. Good thing Kevin was at rehearsal – he’s not from Jersey so he just doesn’t understand. In case anyone was confused, the crowd was yelling “BRUUUUCE” not booing them.

The opening Whitney Huston prayer and short video – very nice. A good way to get things started and recognize a lost music legend.

Let’s talk Bruno. I love Bruno Mars. Runaway is also my favorite of his songs on his album. He has a great voice and is very talented – but there’s something about his baby face that makes me not able to look at him. Love his voice though, he seemed to be struggling a little but knew when to back off the mic. There’s also nothing better than some big band music. Overall great performance.

Alicia Keys – so amazing, very talented. Love her voice, but she seemed a bit shaky. Bonnie was right on. Sounding great. I love seeing these types of duo’s. Now, if only these types of artists truly ruled the airways… but I’ll get to that in my conclusion.

Best Pop Solo – Someone Like You, Adele. I have to be honest, she had some tough competition. I had no clue who was going to win this – I felt most of these nominees were rightfully nominated. Katie Perry is not the best live, but she has some star power. For the most part the rest of the nominee’s have great voices and the award could have gone to any one of them. Adele’s speech was adorable because, well, British accents are awesome. Great to see her triumph.

Gaga’s outfit made me giggle.

Chris Brown can DANCE. No, beating up your girlfriend isn’t cool, especially when it’s Rhianna… but he paid his dues (part of that was scrubbing off graffiti on VCU’s campus. Go Rams go!). I was underwhelmed with his performance though. Some auto tuning, a lot of flashy lights… and I still question if he was singing live. Overall boring performance aside from his dance moves.

Best Rap Performance – Otis, Jay-Z and Kanye West. I don’t know much about rap, but I love Jay-Z. He obviously wasn’t there because he was home with his new baby girl. Kudos to Nicki for being the only girl in the category.

Jason Aldene and Kelly Clarkson. Gosh I love Kelly. Her voice is out of this world. The entrance didn’t go very well… there was obviously issues with the mics as Jason’s last “yeah yeah yeah”s weren’t heard. Side note: Kelly Clarkson’s makeup wasn’t blended very well, her makeup artist should get on that. Jason was shaky – maybe nerves? Pulled it together for the last chorus, but feel like the mic/earpieces issues ruined that performance. She obviously was having a blast.

The Foo Fighters – I think all of their songs sound the same, but they’re always good. Good beat, sounded great. I love a good rock song you can jump to. So excited to get some rock in the show this year – first with The Boss and now with the Fighters.

Rihanna & Coldplay. Love actually hearing Rihanna sing. She spends so much time singing her club-genre music I feel like it’s forgotten that she can sing. Don’t get me wrong, I love her club-beat, but she has a gorgeous voice and I’m glad she started her song out slow. She also has some good dance moves. I have the Colplay/Rihanna song downloaded and really like it so I was happy when I heard they’d be performing together. I like how they used it as a transition between performers. I’ve really been digging Paradise lately, turning the radio up too loud in my car when it’s on and singing “PARA-PARA-PARADISE” like I should be holding a hair brush in my hand in front of a mirror. But I’m in the car so my hands are on the wheel.

By the way, an hour into the show and only 2 awards given out. I personally get antsy because I want to know who the winners are…

New York Giant’s doing the salsa. Yes. GO GIANTS!

Best Rock Performance – Walk, The Foo Fighters. Or is it the Foo Fighters? I missed the little title on the bottom of the screen. Again, not much I can say about the Foo Fighters. But I DID love what Dave Grohl said because it is so true – “It’s not about sounding perfect. It’s not about sounding absolutely correct. It’s not about what goes on in a computer. It’s about what goes on in here (head) and what goes on in here (heart).” The irony in this was that after Coldplay performed a Facebook friend had a status about them not getting all the way up on their high notes. Take that, kid that’s not nominated for a Grammy or performing at the Grammy’s either.

Maroon 5 / Foster the People / Beach Boys reunion. Glad to see Adam and Foster the people, but without John Stamos drumming my interest went out the window. What can I say? I’m the Full House generation. In all seriousness, the performance sounded great.

Stevie Wonder got a standing ovation just for coming out on stage? Yes, because he is awesome!  Loved his little harmonic play.

Sir Paul McCartney. He makes me giggle because he still looks the same as he did when he was young. I, of course, only know this from pictures. My mom would probably tell you the same and then tell you the story about how she had Beatles’ trading cards in the attack and my grandmother threw them away and they probably would’ve been worth so much money now. Anyway, even if Sir Paul had sounded terrible (which he didn’t), one can’t really touch such a legend regardless.

Best R&B Album – FAME, Chris Brown. I’ve heard that it’s a great album. I don’t listen to R&B, but I do believe there is a lot of talented people in that genre. But he could’ve buttoned up his shirt to accept his award and looked a little classier.

The Civil Wars. They’ve become one of my favorite this year… Taylor should’ve been opening for them. Beautiful voices, great songs, haunting harmonies. Look out for them – big things to come from them in country music.

Taylor Swift. Slowly but surely her live performances are getting better. Her voice is getting stronger and her pitch is getting better. Her pause about “how I can’t sing” was epic… almost as epic as her “Someday I’ll be singing this at the Grammy’s”. GO GIRL. You show that critic that just because Stevie Nick’s voice is so unique no one can really duet with her doesn’t mean you’re terrible.

Song of the Year – Rolling in the Deep, Adele & Paul. I don’t remember Paul’s last name. Adele is so cute. Good win.

Katy Perry. The only pop star that can perform with blue hair and look cute. She always has good songs. Cute,  but I was underwhelmed. Overall, this performance made me wish Pink would come back from maternity leave.

Best Country Album – Own the Night, Lady Antebellum. So excited about this win. This is a great great great album. Every song is good, every song is country. Well deserved. Good choice by whomever makes that decision.

Adele. Probably the most anticipated performance of tonight’s Grammy show. Coming back from vocal chord surgery, she said she would not lip sync tonight’s performance. So much talk of her voice being “back.” She. Is. Gorgeous. In appearance, voice, and personality. Flawless performance. Not that she had to prove anything, but she totally proved why she won tonight’s awards and all her past awards. This was for sure a performance to remember. Adele is back and here to stay. And her little giggle coming off the last note at the end of her performance was adorable. Such nice support for her from the audience. I can’t even begin to imagine how it felt for her to stand there and see some of music’s greatest stand and applaud her on her comeback.

The Band Perry. There’s some real talent being hidden on the country stations. If “Top 40” stations have to play pop, hip hop, and rap, then why not country? Chew on that a bit.

At this point my energy level was dipping and the reality of Monday was setting in.

Tony & Carrie. So cute and classy. Why was Carrie’s hair to one side though? That was weird, but maybe it was just because I was tired. Anyway, very nice – he sounds great.

They cut to Rihanna and her Tina Turner hair do during the show a lot.

Best New Artist – Bon Iver. SCREAMED. Seriously. Screamed. Very exciting win for a talented artist. This is also big because if you’ve read my bio you know that Kevin and I went to VCU. Kevin majored in music. One of his classmates now plays with Bon Iver. So this means big things for him with Bon Iver. VERY exciting. Also, why do people think it’s funny when they don’t know who

Jennifer Hudson. She is beautiful. Sounded great. What a beautiful tribute, they could not have picked someone better to do that.

Nicki Manaj. I love her… she’s so weird she’s awesome. But I did not dig her performance. She was confused and apparently thought she was performing on the VMAs. See, here’s the thing – when Gaga does her weird theatrical musical performances she spends the majority of the time actually singing. Most of this was talking and fire and dancing.  I really wish she would’ve just gotten up there and performed Super Bass.

Record of the Year – Rolling in the Deep, Adele. There used to be that rumor that “Best New Artist” was the kiss of death. Adele proves that to be untrue, as long as you have talent. I just love to hear her talk.

Diana Ross. I have a friend that is beyond obsessed with her so I was excited that she was giving an award because I know he was excited. HA.

Album of the Year – 21, Adele. Well, I guess she swept the show! Wasn’t sure about this one either because she still had some tough competition. The good news is, I got to hear her talk again and I loved that.

I’m disappointed Mumford & Sons didn’t win anything this year. I know they were up against Adele for all, but they are very talented and they have a great album. They got snubbed!

2 thoughts on “2012 Grammy Awards!

  1. Ariana, I enjoy your writing. I am also trying out some writing. Yours is so light, and well put together. Mine, on the other hand, sounds so heavy handed. Perhaps it’s just the subjects I have chosen to write about. I don’t think so though. I think you’re just better.


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