What’s Cookin’ – Roasted Vegetable Frittata

Kevin and I both love to cook, but lately I’ve been so bored with the things we’ve been eating. Since Kevin is usually still rehearsing when I’m get home from work, I’m the one who has to do most of the cooking during the week. I haven’t been inspired to cook much and when I am I find I don’t have all the ingredients I need. For the first week ever I “meal planned” – really meal planned. I picked out our menu for each night and made a grocery list accordingly. The new meal plan mixes some recipes we haven’t tried yet with some we like, but haven’t cooked much since the first try.

I got this Roasted Vegetable Frittata recipe from Fitness Magazine. There was a note on the picture in the magazine to prepare the veggies the night before and put them in the fridge overnight – I highly recommend this. The prep time does take longer than it states unless you’re a super pro at peeling the skin off of the peppers! The recipe suggests serving with a salad, but we needed something with a little crunch so we just had some crackers.

My finished Roasted Vegetable Frittata

What I love about this recipe:
1. It works for dinner or breakfast – in our case dinner leftovers can serve as breakfast!
2. Veggies galore – in the comments section of the online version of this recipe some said they added asparagus, tomatoes, etc.
3. It takes few items to prep which means easy clean up – a knife, cutting board, bowl, and two cookie sheets that are covered in foil.
4. I love recipes that are fairly easy to prepare and then cook in the oven for a while. It gives me time to clean up the few dishes I used to prep the meal and to get some other stuff done before dinner’s ready. I actually popped this in the oven while I took a post-gym shower.

What I would do differently next time:
1. Add mushrooms – I love them with my eggs so they would go well with this while adding another texture.

An extra note: I forgot to mention that the recipe calls for 6 egg whites. Carton egg-whites creep me out, but using 10 eggs for one meal was a bit much. I did 4 egg whites and replaced the last two with two tablespoons of Smart Balance with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The frittata still came out firm and delicious so I’m sure there are other substitutes or amounts of eggs that can be used.


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