What’s Cookin’ – Hummus Crusted Chicken

Last night I made this Hummus Crusted Chicken from a recipe in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I chose brown rice and brussels sprout as our sides. The recipe is for four servings, so I had quite a bit of hummus leftover. Since I like plain hummus this worked out fine for me, but if you’re choosing to make your own and are only cooking for two, then half of the ingredients for the hummus will do. (Quick tip: I don’t remember where I read it, but if you don’t like the bland taste of brown rice then replace one cup of water with one cup of low-sodium chicken broth. It’s delicious!)

Hummus crusted chicken, brussels sprout, and brown rice. (Poor quality picture taken with my phone.)

What I love about this recipe:
1. It’s quick and easy
2. It required very little prep
3. It required few pots and pans (I used Steamfresh brussels sprout so the only other pot used was for the brown rice.)

Have you noticed a pattern with what I like about a recipe?

What I would do differently next time:
1. Bake it instead of frying it. I actually didn’t glance at the recipe that morning and didn’t realize it called for it to be fried instead of baked and by the end of the day I was more than happy to quickly fry it, but next time I’d opt for the healthier option to bake it.

If you want it to be even quicker, you can just buy pre-made hummus. Make sure to put a portion in a bowl to spread onto the chicken so you’re not dipping the knife used on the raw chicken into the hummus container. I personally preferred making my own since I knew exactly what was in it and the can of beans only cost $1, but it would be interesting to try it with different flavored hummus. I also used Italian-flavored bread crumbs.

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