Bridesmaids – Elizabeth

March means 4 months until I get married. WHAAAT? So I thought it’d be fun to write a little bit about my bridesmaids. I’m going to start with Elizabeth or “Lizzidoodle” as I call her.

I met Liz the summer going into my junior year of college. We were taking a “Writing for Mass Media” class together in a computer lab. The class pretty much only taught us how to write obituaries which, thankfully, has proven to be useless to both of us so far. I sat in a row with Danielle and Liz. Since Danielle sat right next to me we chatted a lot, but Liz was on the other end. Our friendship began to blossom one day when Liz had been using Crest White strips and felt like her teeth were going to fall out.

Eating lollipops in our Media Graphics class made our tongues red

Being in the same major and concentration, we ended up having the majority of our upper-level classes together and often chose to work together in groups.  Liz and I took a Thursday evening class together that ended at 9 and there was one particular time that we “snuck” out of class early to get to the bar for game night before 9pm because I wasn’t 21 yet. We were always joking around together and sometimes we even studied for tests together.

While we were in college Liz’s boyfriend (now husband!) was living in another state and since Kevin was always busy with rehearsal so we found a lot of time to hang out together – this most often included drinking wine.

Summer wine on my college apartment balcony

We quickly discovered that we had the same silly (and sometimes crude) sense of humor. I think it was the same night as the above wine drinking that we really bonded over making fun of Taylor Swift’s “Should’ve Said No” CMA performance (you know, the one where she started out in a sweat suit, pulled it off to reveal a dress, and then it started raining on stage). My personal fandom for Taylor Swift grew due to our love of mocking her performances – prior to that I didn’t even listen to her.

My favorite picture of me and Liz!

Liz graduated a semester before me and I missed her! We stayed in touch and have become super close now. We hung out a few times during my brief stint living in NC after college and now that I live in Ohio we still talk just about every day. I consider her one of my very best friends.

This past September I got to be a bridesmaid in Liz’s wedding. Even though it had been a few months since I had seen her, it was like no time had passed. We goofed off, drank a lot, and were our normal wacky selves. We, of course, had to acknowledge our Taylor Swift connection and took over the dance floor to sing/act out “Love Story.”

Our Taylor Swift "Love Story" moment

I love Liz because she is silly and up for anything. At the same time she is level-headed and realistic. I can be completely honest and uncensored when talking to her. I know I can always vent to her and she won’t judge me or tell me what to do, but instead just lets me know she is there to listen and/or makes me laugh. She is more like a sister than a friend.

Spin hug! Did I mention Liz is like 6 inches taller than me?

So that’s one of my fantastic, hilarious, super entertaining bridesmaids that I know will keep me calm and happy on my big day. I can’t wait to see her in July and I know it will be a blast having her there!

2 thoughts on “Bridesmaids – Elizabeth

  1. Lizzidoodle

    This brought tears to my eyes and as you know I’m not a big crier! You’re such a wonderful friend and I am honored to be by your side on your big day! I hope I can keep you laughing when you get stressed out by doing impressions of certain people and singing silly songs. I am excited for July, mostly for you and Kevin, but also because I get to spend time with you! 🙂 I LOVE YOU!!!! And these words really touched my heart. Thank you for being so amazing!!!!


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