Let’s Dance!

For all of my followers that don’t know – I am a PROUD alum of VCU.

Is there a way I can make my VCU Alumni t-shirt business-casual for work tomorrow?

As my buddy Chad Tweeted: “Hey, America. Remember that liberal arts hipster college without a football team that screwed your brackets last year? We’re back.”

I’d never hear the end of it if he knew I blogged that. We can also be remembered as “the team that knocked Duke out” back in the Eric Maynor days.

Anyway, with VCU’s narrow win over Drexel in tonight’s CAA Championship game it seems the majority of my fellow alum’s (including myself) have completely overlooked the fact that the Rams are CAA Champs and have gone straight to getting ready for March Madness. None will deny it was way too close for comfort, especially after having at least a 10-point lead the majority of the game. But in the end our boys prevailed…. now it’s time to represent the CAA and make some noise in the big dance.


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