UPS – They Love Logistics, but They Can’t Locate a Package (Or Deliver Decent Customer Service)

Update (As of 3/19/2012): UPS never called Kevin by 9:22 a.m. as promised. The elusive “local office” still ceases to exist. However, the package magically appeared at our back door! I will never use UPS if I have a choice not to, especially if it means shipping a package to someone I care about as I now know how terrible their customer service is.

UPS – They Love Logistics, but They Can’t Locate a Package (Or Deliver Decent Customer Service)
I arrived home today around 5:15 to find this UPS InfoNotice stuck up high and clear on our glass sliding doors. Oh, a missed package! I pull it off the doors and notice that it is not filled out – no date, no name, no checks as to where the package is or why it isn’t at our back door. I check the front door in case the slip was left there as a flag that I needed to check the front for a package (though he could have easily checked the off on the slip), but there was nothing. Our delivery guys usually leave things at the back door anyway. I did notice an InfoNotice number. I figured maybe I just had to track that number to find out details on the package.

This is what UPS InfoNotice looks like. See how easy it is to fill out? Two boxes and some check marks. Lazy lazy!

I went inside and settled in after a long week at work. I pulled up UPS’ website and typed in the number. Nothing. Just an error message that no information has been entered for that number. Not a big deal, maybe the guy just came. I’ve had packages shipped with UPS before and I know that it takes some time for it to process. So I call the phone number to enter the tracking number. Nothing. The slip says on the back that if the package needs to be picked up, the centers are open until 7. At this point it was 5:30 so I thought I should call customer service and find out the info since I would still have time to pick up the package. They told me nothing. “Oh, the driver hasn’t scanned it in yet.” At this point I’m getting annoyed – a slip with absolutely no information and then a tracking number that doesn’t work? What was the point of that? Are they going to try delivering it again? Do I need to pick it up? Why couldn’t it be left at our place? I repeatedly hounded my customer service representative (who was clearly giving me the run around) to find out what good a slip was with no information and an incorrect tracking number. Of course, this poor guy can’t help me – he only knows prompts and steps of what to do. I ask him to transfer me to a supervisor.

The supervisor gave me the same BS. A bunch of excuses. At one point, he said, “The tracking number may be invalid.” What? A shipping company with invalid tracking numbers? There’s a company I can trust to get my things where they need to go! Then he says, “Maybe the package wasn’t meant for you, maybe it was delivered to a wrong address. We don’t know yet.” Right, we wouldn’t know because the driver was too lazy to fill in 2 blanks and check a box. Also – another reason not to trust this company – the package may have a failed delivery attempt to the wrong address. How would the real recipient even know? Wow, so trustworthy! That guy should not be a supervisor. He promises he’s passing my info along to this elusive “local office” of which he does not have a phone number. Come on dude, I work in logistics too, I’m no idiot, someone has a phone number… or maybe phone numbers really don’t exists for the drivers or local offices and that’s why they’re so terrible at logistics! Anyway, I’m promised a call within an hour. I very sternly say, “So by 6:45 I should receive a call from the local office, is that correct?” He tells me that is correct.

I was finally able to get in touch with Kevin and found out the package is for him. He pulls up the tracking on his phone – SURPRISE – according to that UPS driver’s scanner, the package was delivered around 2:30 p.m. At this point it’s 7:05 – an hour and 20 minutes after I was promised I would get a call.

I call customer service back. ANOTHER SURPRISE! No record of my first call despite talking to TWO, yes TWO people, including a supervisor. Except, I’m not really surprised as it has already become clear to me that these people don’t give a crap. I finally get a woman that is nice and calm and seems to want to be helpful. Of course, I give her the tracking number and she tells me that the package has been delivered. I kindly explain to her that no, no it has not. Instead, there is a BLANK InfoNotice. She says the notes say the package was left on the front porch. I kindly explain that we don’t have a front porch and that the notice was left on the back patio. She verifies the address. It’s correct. She goes through a list of questions – “Could it be in the front? Could a neighbor have taken it inside?” I kindly ask, “Would it make sense for a UPS driver to deliver a package and leave it at the residence but then leave a blank InfoNotice where it can be clearly seen on the door?” She responded no. She was correct.

So clearly this is looking really suspicious to me – the package has been checked in as delivered and a blank slip with no date and therefore no proof of when it was left on the door is at our home. So it’s one of two things: 1) The driver is a complete idiot or 2) The driver stole the package.

The entire time no one was able to give me any answers. They all “understood my frustration” yet, seemed to continually blame me. I must’ve missed the package – someone must’ve stolen it – it was scanned in so it had to be there. It must be in a common area. No. The UPS driver screwed up or did something shady. Isn’t it a rule in customer service to NOT blame the customer? At this point, since it’s past 7, there is nothing the local office can do. They’re open on Saturday, but not to help with lost packages – just to take money from customers that want to ship packages. Of course! That makes so much sense.

So as it stands right now: No signature or anything special was required for the package that would require the driver to leave a slip and not the package. The package is missing. The package has quite a bit of $$ worth of merchandise in it. UPS claims we have it because that’s how the driver scanned it and there is no way that could ever be incorrect or mistaken. A driver left a blank notice on our door. OBVIOUSLY the driver has the package somewhere. UPS sucks at social media. No one has any answers – UPS sucks at customer service. Kevin won’t hear anything until Monday… by 9:22 a.m. UPS sucks at logistics.

Who wants to guess that the package will magically appear?

Surprisingly, I’ve never had a package lost by the US Postal Service. Sad that they are rapidly losing money to terrible companies like UPS.

Have you ever had UPS lose a package? Did they find it? If not, did you file a claim? Did you have an unhelpful experience with their customer service? Comment and let me know your story!

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One thought on “UPS – They Love Logistics, but They Can’t Locate a Package (Or Deliver Decent Customer Service)

  1. Oh I know of your woes with UPS. I have the same ones. I have consistently had problem with them saying things were delivered and they weren’t. Even had one – a color laser printer – they said it was delivered. I said it wasn’t – be kind of hard to miss a box that size. Around 8:30PM a harried guy in plain clothes delivers the printer. I had bitched enough I guess the stars aligned and they got it out to me.

    Of course now when UPS screws the pooch and I don’t receive anything I contact the vendor., They can usually ship USPS or even SmartPost through UPS which actually gets delivered because USPS does the last mile,.

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