Perfect Fifths

I actually finished Perfect Fifths by Meghan McCafferty about a week and a half ago. In fact, I’ve finished the next book on my list too. Life has just been so busy.

You, yes you.

I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t read this book when it first came out. I hadn’t read it because a few friends of mine that had also read the series had said it wasn’t that good. Honestly, I was disappointed. It was anti-climatic, dragged on, took me forever to read. I don’t want to give anything away, but I feel this book was written to appease those that were disappointed with how Fourth Comings ended. I think that should have just been the end of it. I liked it that way.

There isn’t really a good reason for me to explain the plot to this book because unless you’ve read the rest of the series it won’t make sense or have any meaning. I’m glad I read it so I’ve now read the complete series, but again, I was disappointed. It was boring. It was everything my friends told me it was way back when it first came out and I decided not to read it. Meghan McCafferty still remains one of my favorite authors, but for me this book came up short.

Up Next: Bumped by Meghan McCafferty

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