The Downsides of Running Outside

Spring has sprung! I feel like I’m repeating myself.

Due to the longer days and bout of warm weather in March I have spent way more time outside of the gym these past few weeks. Fret not gym, surely it will begin to rain constantly here soon and I will be confined to your walls. In the mean time I will take advantage of running outside in the beautiful weather as much as possible.

Running my first 10K in 2010. (Yes, I know it's a copy-written picture. I bought this photo, but can only find the proof right now.)

Unfortunately there are some downsides to the outdoor run.

1. Dog Poop
If your dog poops on the sidewalk please pick it up. Don’t leave it there. I’m not trying to practice hurdling over a pile of poo. I definitely don’t want it drilled into my running shoes either. Oh, if your dog poops in the grass you should pick that up too. Come on, grab a bag. It’s not that tough.

2. Dogs Walking
The dog is on a leash – can you not keep it out of my pathway? Not to sound like a snob, but it really throws me off my rhythm when I have to jolt around your dog. Also, I’m really not trying to step on your dog so please don’t make me almost trip as I’m trying to two-step past your dog that you seem to think is okay running right up to my feet/legs.

3. Cars Blocking the Sidewalk
This is actually a peeve of mine for a bigger reason – sidewalks are for people, not cars, and this creates a dangerous situation for the little ones. If your car cannot fit all the way in the driveway, park it on the street or elsewhere. If young kids are out playing or riding their bikes they shouldn’t have to go in the street to go around a car that is blocking the sidewalk. I don’t feel it’s safe for me to jolt into the road either. So here’s the deal, if a car is blocking the sidewalk and I have to go around it I run on the front lawn instead of into the street.

4. Cars Turning Right
You know the drill. Have the walk sign, going to jog across the street, check to the left and have to stop dead in your tracks for a car that is oblivious to the fact that people cross the street. Always look for cars because they are not looking for you. This also goes when running on the side walk past parking lots. Drivers seem to just look straight ahead and never seem to realize that some people DO travel on foot or bike.

5. The Drive-By Honkers
I’m a female and I’m jogging. So hot, I know. So much so that the creepers feel the need to honk. This actually happens during my winter runs. You know, when I have 5 layers on creating a blob of a body, an ear warmer, gloves, and a bright pink face and gushing snot nose. I always just disregard these drive-by honkers, but generally if someone honks it’s a warning or an alert. Please don’t alert me that you think it’s hot that I’m running, alert me if a car is about to hit me or something.

What are your downsides to running outside once the weather finally gets warm?

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