April Update!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve “blogged.” I’ve read three books since then and have been up to a lot. Where to start?

My friend Madison and I at my bridal shower.

Bridal Shower – My bridal shower was back in March. It was a bridal tea and everyone wore big hats! Kevin and I got a ton of stuff that we still haven’t finished putting away and a bunch of gift cards that we still haven’t spent. It was so nice to see everyone. Afterward, I went out to dinner with my bridesmaids and we had some drinks and played some games.

Work – Work is work, but after being at work all day I rarely feel like sitting on the computer at home writing my blog entries. Especially with the gorgeous post-winter weather we’ve been having.

Running – I’ve been running. A lot. My gym membership has been heavily neglected and I really need to get my butt back in there to do some weights once or twice a week. I just can’t deny this beautiful weather before it starts either raining all the time or it gets too hot to enjoy my outdoor runs.

Easter – My parents came to Ohio for Easter. Piled into the car with their silly dog Lucy and made the 6 hour drive out to our place to spend Easter weekend with us. It was fun! We went out to “Easter Dinner” on Saturday night and they left shortly after church on Sunday morning. Lucy spent the entire weekend chewing on her new bone I got her and getting a lot of play time and attention from Kevin and me.

Lacrosse – Two games so far this season. Being a post-collegiate league, most of our players are high school and middle school coaches, so the spring season is actually a slower season for us. We’re off to Cincinnati on Sunday to play two games. It should be pretty awesome because, well, lacrosse is pretty awesome.

"Rag" blanket I made Christina for her baby!

Baby Shower – My first & fantastic Ohio friend, Christina, has a bun in the over… eer, or however you’d like to put it. Her baby shower was this past Saturday. Pretty much the norm: belly-string game,  question/answer games, gifts, cake. I made her a blanket for the little one and gave her some clothes.

I guess that about sums it up. No exciting adventures lately, just the same old stuff! Counting down the days until our wedding (95!) and trying to get things ready for it. It just feels like every weekend is booked with other stuff. My real countdown is until our honeymoon – I’m ready for a vacation!

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