The Trunk Key

A hand, a piece of hair...

I started The Trunk Key by Carolyn Nash during lunch yesterday and was 77% finished by the time my lunch hour was over. I finished it up last night.

Jennifer Canfield is making a quick stop for a donut on her way to work when she is in a near-accident with and old beat up clunker. As the car speeds past with it’s bungee-corded trunk, she swears she sees a hand. A doll? A child? Determined to find out, Canfield calls the police and goes on a wild goose chase down a county road to find the answer. Unsure of a plan, she keeps moving forward. It leads her into a crazy and unimaginable day that she will never forget.

I really liked this book. It was crazy, totally unrealistic, but still exciting. I liked that the bulk of the story occurred all in one day. For some reason that shorter timeline kept me enthralled, like I wanted to finish the day with the characters to find out how it would turn out. I feel like I say a lot that these novels are a “quick read,” but this one really was for me. It didn’t defer too much from the main plot. I do wish it had dug a little bit deeper in to the main character’s past a little earlier in the story to better understand the situation, but Nash did a great job of staying on point and staying with the story.

Up Next: She Can Run by Melinda Leigh

I have been getting all of my books from Kindle Singles. There are some great reads on there and they are very inexpensive. I hope to join Amazon Prime soon to be able to borrow books for free. My local library does e-loans, but it’s a bit more tough to find an available or short wait-listed book. Have book suggestions? Leave a comment a let me know!

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