Colton Dixon is the Next Chris Daughtry

I haven’t watched American Idol in years. With the change of judges and format, I thought I’d give it another shot this season. My mom has watched it pretty much every season since it started. I was fairly convinced they found the best singer in America in season one. I’m still convinced of this – come on, Kelly Clarkson’s vocal range is ridiculously amazing… but it doesn’t mean there’s not other talented vocalist/performers out there.

Anyhoo as I said I decided to give it a go this season. If you watched tonight, you know the sad outcome of America’s poor judgement… Colton Dixon was sent home. He was my absolute favorite. I love his personality, his voice is awesome, and he has great stage presence. I would buy his albums, go to his concerts… if I was a tween I’d probably hang pictures of him from Teen Beat on my wall. There is just something about him that I think is awesome. But it’s ok that he got sent home, because Colton Dixon is the next Chris Daughtry.

A few seasons ago a crowd favorite, Chris Daughtry, was stuck with fourth place. So disappointing. That actually may have been the last time I watched Idol. Taylor Hicks went on to win it… and then he faded into the background. Meanwhile, Daughtry has had continued music success. As we learned tonight, Hicks will be playing in Vegas this summer – I’ll let you determine if that’s “success” because I think it’s pretty clear what my opinion is on that.

So fret not, Colton Dixon fans, in my completely non-authoritative opinion, we will see much much more of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a record deal by the end of next week, especially if Ellen has anything to do with it!

One thought on “Colton Dixon is the Next Chris Daughtry

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