I’m Obsessed with Our Garden

We have officially planted this year’s garden! Last year we moved into our new place at the end of May, so we were late for the garden party. We only planted two tomato plants, a basil plant, and some lavender. By the end of the summer we had more tomatoes than we knew what to do with. We had to bring some back to Virginia with us in September to give our parents so they wouldn’t go bad!

Since we decided to officially renew our lease (well there was really no question) we began to plan a bigger garden this year. Yesterday I ventured to our local garden center to pick up some plants for this year. Most of their stuff was on sale and also less expensive to begin with than the big chain stores – plus, I love supporting local businesses. Anyhoo, this year we planted: zucchini, tomatoes, brussels sprout, three types of peppers, basil, rosemary, cilantro, and lettuce! Oh, and since we had a run-in with tomato horn worms last year we planted borage which not only is supposed to help deter them, but is apparently also an edible herb that has the light flavor of cucumbers. Who knew? Not me, anyway, I’m just a beginner gardner. After planting the majority of the plants this morning we took a trip to Home Depot for a planter to put our herbs in and then headed over to Big Lots where we picked up a large planter for the lettuce, some fencing to really edge off our small garden, and some solar lights that look so pretty at night. Another neighbor had similar lights that I thought looked really pretty at night. Kevin’s also hoping they scare off some of the wild life that may want to feast on our garden.

Our little garden!

Anyway, since planting this morning I have been obsessed. I love how cute our garden looks this year and I am so hopeful that it will yield some delicious veggies this summer. There were a few times today that I went over to our slider to look out at the garden. Kevin asked me if I was watching it grow. But no, I was just admiring it. Now that it’s dark out I have found myself looking out at the pretty lights. I’m looking forward to the summer evenings to come when I can sit outside and admire the garden with a tall glass of wine!

Another view of our small garden.

Tomorrow morning it is supposed to rain and our garden will get a nice fresh watering!

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