My Big Sis is Getting Married!

My older sister is getting marred at the end of October. We had to push her bridal shower a little bit later because the typical 3-month mark collided with my wedding festivities. I had told my sister that I would be unable to attend her shower because I had used all of my vacation time for my honeymoon and needed the rest of my personal time in order to head back to Virginia at Christmas. In the beginning, this was the truth! However, shortly after my own bridal shower my company introduced a “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.” By completing certain items on a list, I was able to earn an extra paid day off! Before I even started the challenged, I booked a ticket to VA for my sister’s bridal shower… but I didn’t tell her I was coming.


Everyone else was pretty much in the know. Her bridesmaids all knew I’d be there. My sister lives about 2 hours from my parents so I flew into the DC around lunch on a Friday, ran some errands with my mom, and then we road down to my sister’s place together. We arrived a few minutes before she got home from work. I tried to keep her in the dark by sending her random texts during the day like, “Don’t forget to give mom the ribbon this weekend for your garter!” Needless to say, she was pretty surprised to see me!

My sister knew the date/time of the shower, but did not know any details including where it would be.  We held the shower at one of her favorite restaurants. It was DELICIOUS. We kept the crowd entertained with a couple of games.

Very pretty private room. 1 of 2 tables. The other side had a dessert table and a gift table!

While we waited for Amy to arrive, we had guests answer 20 questions about her. The person with the most correct answers won a prize! Every place seating contained an envelope that said “Who Has the Groom?” This is a game my mom found on a blog from Pinterest! One envelope contained a picture of my sister’s fiance and the rest contained a picture with a celeb’s head super-imposed on her fiance’s body. This ended up being pretty hilarious and seemed to be a hit.

“Who Has the Groom?” envelopes at every place setting along with the special brunch menu.

We also played MY favorite game – 10 Questions with the Groom. I previously asked Brad 10 questions and Amy had to tell me what his answers were. For every answer she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. She did not like that gum, but it was hilarious. She got 5 out of 10 questions right. I purposely threw some in such as “If he was a superhero, what would his secret power be?”

She hates Hubba Bubba!

During gift time we, of course, played Bridal Gift Bingo! This one is a hit too. Normal bingo-type card, guests fill in different types of gifts (bath towel, dish set, sheets) and mark their card while the bride opens her gifts. I think it’s a great way to keep guests entertained because, let’s be honest, who really wants to watch someone open a bunch of presents??? 😉 I didn’t participate because I was busy making my sister this awesome hat that will double as her bouquet at her rehearsal:

We got some delicious cupcakes from a local grocery store bakery for dessert. They were delicious. Amy and I both ate two of them.

Oh my gosh so yummy I want one right now!

We finished off the party with some group pictures while we waited from the groom to arrive to help gather the gifts and gave everyone a personalized bag of muffin mix with a heart-shaped whisk to fit with the brunch theme.

Mix it up, muffin!


Now just two more months until my sister’s big day! I can’t wait to celebrate with her and get to party with our family all over again!

The beautiful bridal party from left to right: Amy, McKenzie, Amy (bride), Me (Matron of Honor!), Lindsay, and Ruth.



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