And We’re Married…. Now What?

We did it! We tied the knot a month ago in beautiful Virginia on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Luckily the rain cleared up a bit after the ceremony and we were able to get some beautiful outdoor shots before we danced & drunk the night away.

First kiss as husband & wife!
Leaving the church in wedded bliss!
The most delicious cake ever!
Dancing the night away… this is one of the FEW times I danced with Kevin after our “first dance” – I was too busy groovin’ with my cousins.

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Back into the Grind
After a greatly fun and relaxing honeymoon in the Poconos, Kevin and I are getting back into the grind of normal life – or normal life as newlyweds. However, we still have some big things coming up including my big sister’s wedding and six, count them, SIX people we know with babies due as early as November 5th and as late as February 2013! It’s going to be a busy first year of marriage.

Now that all of the wedding planning is over and everything went successfully, I finally feel like I have some time for myself. I gave up running the entire month before and entire month after our wedding. That’s not to say I gave up exercise – I walk the dog 1-3 miles a day and we did plenty of active things on our honeymoon including a 15 mile bike ride and two days of hiking. I’ve also been participating in a summer lacrosse league with the post-collegiate team I’m a member of here in Columbus. However, for the past three years or so running has been the one thing I do for myself. Getting out in great weather and running a few miles (I emphasize the word few) in the early evening after work has become my top stress reliever. However, I’ve become a bit unmotivated… maybe even burnt out. With the addition of our pupster, most afternoons I find myself wanting to stay home and play with him. But I know that running is important for me – I sleep better and just feel better when I keep up with it. So I had to set a goal.

My New Goal
So here it goes, I’m going to do something I long said I had no interest in doing: I’m going to run a half marathon. Let’s be clear here… I truly am not interested in running for 2 hours straight, but there’s more to it than that. First off, having a race scheduled helps me keep from slacking off because I want to do my personal best in the race. I’ve already run two 5K races and one 10k race. I ran my 10k with my sister who is a bit of a better distance runner than me. We ran the first mile together and then I dropped back and she took off. However, when the race was over we both kind of said “Why did we think that would be fun?” But… looking back it WAS fun.

My and my sister before the Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10K back in 2010!

But, Why?
There is a bit of method to my madness.  This past May there was a half marathon happening in Columbus. This is not an oddity, but I looked up the route to make sure it didn’t interfere with anywhere we had to go that day (a habit I got into when living in Richmond, VA). The route was awesome. It was really a tour of the city that went throughout a ton of different neighborhoods in the area. That’s when I started thinking, “Maybe running a half in Columbus could be kind of nice.” I have fallen in love with this city. Columbus, Ohio, is truly home to me right now and I love just about everything about the area – even the weather. Looking up the half’s for the upcoming season it seems the best choices are October or May. Well, October is way too soon so I started to research the one for May. The website has a link to different “running groups” that can be joined as part of the race. Run MS allows participants of the race to register with them to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis society. That’s when I knew it was the right race for me. I have both an aunt AND a cousin that have MS. Now that I’m married, I also have an additional aunt on Kevin’s side that is dealing with the disease.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!
So now my motivation is in full force. I will be registering for the marathon and getting my fundraising stuff set up within the next few weeks. Over the next few months I am going to work on getting back into shape and then I will begin training for the half in early 2013. And I’m fairly certain I’m probably going to totally hate training to run 13.1 miles, but I will keep myself motivated with my fundraising efforts. Stay tuned for fundraising info, training stories, and much more!

4 thoughts on “And We’re Married…. Now What?

  1. Fran

    I’m so glad to read you are finding your passion for running again. Having struggled with my running for about 4 months now, have decided to kick myself in the rear and get back to it! Stress has gotten the better of me in the past year and I completely pushed myself for so long, it was no longer fun. Thanks for sharing, I’m signing up for duathlon in October!!!!


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