Running in the Rain – My Inner Monologue

We were lucky to enjoy some warmer weather this weekend. Unfortunately, it also rained, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hit the trail and not be freezing! At the very beginning of my run I became extremely aware of my thoughts. I’m often told by other people that they would get bored running longer than 30 minutes, but I love my long runs. It gives me time to think – even if I’m not thinking about anything particular. Sometimes I just lose myself in the music I’m listening to. It’s my “me” time and when I’m finished I feel refreshed and my head feels clear. Yesterday I ran 8.03 miles in 1:07:57 (Average pace of 8:27/mile). Here’s a look into my thoughts during that time:

It feels colder than when I left the house. I’ll get warm once I get going.

I should’ve brought my visor. Oh well. Ugh, everyone else has a hat on. Why don’t these people in front of me have rain jackets on? They don’t have a hat on.

I bet the cars on the highway that can see us think we’re all crazy.

That fog looks creepy. Ahhhh, water in my face! Fog is misty. This misty rain is annoying. This is just like the race in November.

Ah puddle, into the mud! Okay, just push a little harder to pass these two. There we go. I wish I had something to wipe the rain off of my face. Oh hey, there’s Pam and Otie! I need to unzip the vents on my jacket. Hm, I haven’t looked at my watch once yet.

I should hydrate.

There are a lot of people out here today. Oh great, running straight into the wind. I need to zip up the vents. My feet feel funny.

Silence (music playing).

My shoes are coming loose and my feet feel weird. (Stop to retie my shoes.) Oh! There’s water in my shoes. Wow, I forgot what that felt like. Hmm almost at 3 miles, right on pace.

Another puddle, into the mud. Wow, that was a lot of mud. I hope this wears off my shoes. Maybe I should’ve worn an old pair today. Need to unzip the vents again. I need to stretch my back. I’m almost to the half way, I’ll stop and stretch before I head back.

That dog is cute. I feel good. (Wipes water off of thighs.) My pants are really wet. I can’t tell if my legs are wet or dry. 

Silence (music playing).

Okay one minute stretch break. That feels better. Now just to do that all over and I’m done. I guess it’s not that far. I should zip the vents back up. This is going pretty well. I seem to run better in poor weather.

Wow that guy is fast! Maybe he just turned around sooner that I did.

I can’t wait to put on dry clothes. This rain is exhausted. I’m so tired. I want to stop. I don’t need to stop, just keep going. Did that girl really just run through the puddle? Into the mud. Okay, it wore off before so it should again. I think I have mud on my leg. This is funny. People that don’t run probably think we’re all crazy. I should blog about this. Need to unzip the vents again.

Silence (music playing).

Wow, the MIT hydration station has already been packed up. That seems early. I wonder how many of these people driving by think I’m crazy. Maybe I’ll stop for a hydration break under the overpass. Wow there are so many people today! I bet more people will be out tomorrow when there’s no rain. Good thing I came today. This is fun.

It’s straight up pouring. Glad I’m on my way back. I should zip up the vents to stay warm. (Laughing and waving with a passing runner that is also drenched.) Just about everyone I pass is grinning ear to ear. I hope Kevin’s awake when I get home. I should hydrate, but I don’t feel like doing the work to move my rain jacket to get to my water bottle. Oh, there’s Pam again!

Into the mud.

I really need a break, this seems extra exhausting. (Slowing down to a walk while I get a drink). What did that biker just yell? Why can’t they just say “On your left!” or ring a bell? Ugh. Okay, here we go, almost there. The trail is so empty now. Lonely. How am I going to stretch today? I really don’t want to stand in the dock on the rain.

Silence (music playing).

One more mile! My pants are soaked. I wonder if my legs are warm enough. I feel like I’m going so slow, I bet my time will suck today. I’m doing pretty good with these runs. Why is that girl wearing a white shirt? That’s so weird, it’s been raining all morning. Almost at the bridge! Keep pushing. I love this song. This might be my favorite Jimmy Eat World song. (Singing along in my head) Hey now, the past is told by those who win my darling.

I feel like my shoulders are wet. Maybe it’s just sweat. This is weird, yeah, it feels wet. It must just be sweat. Oh wait, rain probably got into my jacket when I unzipped the vents. Yeah, that’s what it is.

Got to pass these two girls. Why are they walking with no rain coats? Maybe they were running and stopped. I feel like I’d be more tempted to stop if I ran with someone else and that person stopped. Almost there! Why are these people walking on either side of the trail in the same direction? I don’t like that, so disorienting. I don’t know who to look at so I can’t look at either of you. Final hill! Can I stop now? No, I need to get to the sign. FINISHED! It’s not really raining, I guess I’ll go stretch a little. Oh look, MIT is packing up their hydration station. (Says hello in response to a guy that is packing up the table and says hello.) He’s nice. Ew, just got mud all over my hand from my shoe. Maybe I shouldn’t stretch now. I’ll have to take my shoes off in the garage. After I shower I’ll put paper bag in them. Hopefully that works. I need new shoes anyway.

There you have it! The unexciting thoughts of a runner. What does your inner monologue sound like when you’re running? Do you get lost in your music, recorded book, or just your thoughts?

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