My Favorite Running Things

I have a couple of running items that I have grown to love. Some mornings when I’m up early getting ready to go out for  a run it’s nice to slip into some comfortable running clothes before I head out the door. Here are a few of my favorite running things.

During the more temperature neutral months I stick with the regular long sleeve or short sleeve Under Armour tops and I try to get them when they are on sale. Since the temperature has dropped I’ve found two more Under Armour tops that I absolutely love.

UA Women's Cozy Crew
UA Women’s Cozy Crew

The UA Women’s Cozy Crew is just as the name suggests – super cozy! I’ve worn this on several chilly runs and even wore it for my half marathon in mid-November. The inside of this top is fleece-like, but its moisture-wicking keeps me dry. I tend to wear this top when the temperature is below freezing which is most of the winter season.

Under Armour Women’s Armour Fleece Storm Full-Zip Hoodie
Under Armour Women’s Armour Fleece Storm Full-Zip Hoodie

The Under Armour Women’s Armour Fleece Storm Full-Zip Hoodie is amazing! I discovered this hoodie in the fall when the weather started to turn cooler and it began being dark for most of my morning run. I bought it in a neon yellow so I could easily be seen and quickly fell in love with it. It is super warm and moisture-wicking. I also really like that it is semi-fitted so it stays close to my body without being tight. I received it in the above color for Christmas from my parents. This hoodie paired with the Cozy Crew keeps me nice and warm when the weather dips below freezing.

I’m a huge fan of Nike bottoms!  I also love the size key pouch that Nike bottoms have since it is just large enough to fit an energy gel or even a chap stick.

Nike Women's Tempo Shorts
Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts

I love Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts for my summer runs and my winter indoor runs. Cute color combinations, built-in underwear, and a decent price – especially if you can get them on sale.

Nike Women’s Legend Slim Capris
Nike Women’s Legend Slim Capris

I discovered Nike Women’s Legend Slim Capris last spring while training for my first half marathon. I call these my “magic pants.” They keep my legs warm in the chilly spring and fall temperatures, but then my legs stay cool once I get warmed up. I wore these for both of my half marathon’s – one in May and one in November.

I have a couple accessories that I really like. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the Nike ear warmer that I have anywhere online to share, so that one is left off the list.

Nike Tech Women's Visor
Nike Tech Women’s Visor

I’m not a big fan of having things on my face when I run so I opt for a visor like this Nike Tech Women’s Visor. I love how light weight it is without being flimsy. I had another visor that blew off during my first half marathon so I replaced it with this one and actually like this one better. I also like to wear it when it’s a bit rainy out to keep the rain out of my eyes.

Cyclops LED Hat Clip Light
Cyclops LED Hat Clip Light

The other thing I love about my visor is that I can clip this Cyclops LED Hat Clip Light on when I go out for an early morning run. None of the neighborhoods around us have street lights and while a lot of people leave their porch light on, I really needed to be sure I could see the sidewalk at all times. I was a bit weary of paying $30+ for a headlamp since they all seemed to have mixed reviews, so instead I decided to try out this light for a whopping $6! The battery has held up for months now and it’s bright enough to get me through my morning run. I’m definitely glad I opted for this over an expensive headlamp.

Nike Women's Lightweight Tech Running Gloves
Nike Women’s Lightweight Tech Running Gloves

These Nike Women’s Lightweight Tech Running Gloves aren’t the warmest, but they get the job done. Sometimes my hands are freezing when I first start off my run, but I always had a problem with my hands getting too warm while running and that’s where these win out over super warm gloves. I would suggest doubling up with a warmer pair of gloves on top on very cold days until your body warms up. A great bonus is the key pouch on the inner left palm. Also, the thumb has a pad on it so touch screen devices can be used.

Nathan Trail Mix Fuel Belt
Nathan Trail Mix Fuel Belt

I wasn’t sure if my Nathan Trail Mix Fuel Belt should go under accessories or fuel! I prefer this clip belt over my previous velcro version that I had. This stays snug, but still stretches for comfort and I never have a problem with it moving. There is a key hook in the zip pouch and the pouch is large enough to fit a phone. I prefer to wear my water on my back, so the velcro flap makes it easy for me to access my energy gel while running. Some reviewers call out a problem with the water bottle nozzles leaking, but I found this only happens if I overfill them.

These are the things I love to keep my energized on my long runs!

Gu Energy Gel
Gu Energy Gel

I LOVE Gu Energy Gel. Sometimes I use the flavors with no caffeine, but recently I’ve come to love the gels with a bit of caffeine especially in the summer when I’m out fairly early on Saturday morning for my long run.

Powerade White Cherry
Powerade White Cherry

My favorite thing to drink during and post-run is Powerade White Cherry. I generally mix it with water when I take it on a run and I often just mix my protein powder for my post-run drink. Sometimes I do change it up with other flavors, but white cherry tends to be my favorite.

So there you have it! A few of my favorite running things.

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