Book Review – Always Watching by Chevy Stevens

Image“Death makes you wish you’d done everything differently, had been in less of a hurry. This time I would enjoy the journey. Life is for the living.”

I’m really hoping someone else that reads this has read this book and can weigh in because I feel pretty indecisive on how I feel about some aspects of it. The premise of the book is that Nadine Lavoie is a psychiatrist working at a mental hospital. A young woman is admitted to the hospital after an attempted suicide. While treating her, Lavoie learns that she had recently left a commune that Lavoie lived in for a short time during her childhood. This results in haunting memories that forces her to face her past.

The book started out strong and I was immediately captivated. I liked how I didn’t have to read on forever to start learning about Lavoie’s childhood memories of the commune. I found Lavoie to be a very self-centered character though she was made out as if she believed that everyone else needed her help and she had the best advice to give them. I think this kind of reflects the commune leader, Aaron, who she feared so much. I finished Chapter 12 during a lunch break and could not wait to get home that evening and read more… but then the book began to slow down after that with some parts that felt dragged out. At times I felt there were too many character’s involved and that Stevens was trying to do too much with something that could have been more simple. I’m still trying to understand the role Kevin played in the book – I don’t really think there was a need for a love interest.

Overall I would say this was a book worth reading. I like good book with twists and turns that isn’t necessarily a murder mystery. It was an easy read (only took me 3 days to finish) that kept me interested in finding out the ending even during the slow parts. I can’t really say I liked the main character because, as I said, she came off as extremely self-centered despite her haunting past, but perhaps that’s what Stevens wanted the reader to get from that character.

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