Let the Training Begin!

Well, its the time again – time to start training for my first race of the year. Monday kicked off day 1 of training for the Capital City Half Marathon. To prepare, I took most of the previous week  completely off. It was amazing. It was so nice to take a break and recharge and I felt motivated to get going on Monday. That’s a good thing because the weather has been brutally cold and that means off to the gym in the morning!

My workout this week had me doing a total of 20 miles. I started off Monday morning at the gym with a good 4 mile run. Tuesday I did some weight training and ab work at home when I got home from work. I definitely need some work in this area, but it was a good start. Wednesday morning was a very early morning. I had to get in a 6 mile speed workout so I was at the gym by 5:10 in the morning. The gym opens at 5 and when I walked in there were already three people on the treadmills. Getting up early kind of stinks, but I prefer getting my workout out of the way. Things have been very busy and kind of stressful at work and by the end of the day I am drained. I couldn’t imagine heading to the gym after work and putting in 6 miles. I was supposed to do my last weekday workout on Thursday, but when I woke up my body felt tired and I decided to put in another hour of sleep and move my workout to Friday. Friday morning I did a nice easy 4 miler. My “long” run this week was a short one – just 6 miles. I was able to get out for my first week with my MIT group. I’m running in the 9:15 pace group which has me at 45-60 seconds slower than race pace. Our group coaches are awesome and I spent the run chatting with another fellow ACS fundraiser. As Lorde would say, “We’re on each other’s team.”

I’m enjoying being back in training and going at a slower pace. I know that sounds weird, but when I’m not training I tend to run around my race pace just so I can get my workout done and over with. It’s been nice to get back to slowing things down and focusing on training. I’m taking on a harder training schedule than what I did for my first two half marathon’s so I am really looking forward to warmer weather. Just getting to/from the gym adds about 20 minutes to my morning routine and I think that is going to get old fast. Getting to walk outside and start my workout will really make the weeks I have 4 workouts scheduled a lot easier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s getting any warmer anytime soon and just when the snow melts we get more!

Only 90 days to go until race day! Don’t forget, I’m raising money for the American Cancer Society so please consider taking a few minutes to make a donation. Happy running!

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