Training Week 2 – Under the Weather Week

Happy Olympics! Did everyone enjoy the opening ceremonies? I didn’t finish watching since I had to go to bed to get up early for my Saturday run. At work this week it was my team’s turn to host Happy Hour. We obviously went with an Olympic theme. To kick things off, I “jogged” around the office with a fake torch and the Olympic theme song playing on my phone and announced to everyone that Happy Hour was beginning… because I’m just that cool.

Check out the awesome mini-torch and Olympic medal center pieces we made for our office Happy Hour!
Check out the awesome mini-torch and Olympic medal center pieces we made for our office Happy Hour!

Anyway, finished with training week 2! I’m glad it was only my second week of training because things were not going my way. My training this week was supposed to be a total of 22 miles, but unfortunately I lost out 5 miles this week due to weather and being sick. Monday morning and Tuesday morning I got both of my 3 mile runs in outside. Wednesday is supposed to be my speed work day consisting of 6 miles. The weather was calling for 6-10 inches of snow over night on Tuesday, so I knew I wasn’t going to get to the gym early for my speed work. I guess in a way it worked out for me because Monday night I started to feel under the weather and by Wednesday I knew I needed to go to the doctor. My office was closed Wednesday morning so my husband agreed to drive me down the road to Urgent Care. (Just a side note, I’m not really one to brag about how wonderful my husband is because, duh, that’s why I married him, but Wednesday was his birthday and he not only drove me to Urgent Care, but dug our car out when we got stuck on the way there and then patiently sat in the waiting room for about 90 minutes while I saw the doctor.) Anyway, the doctor confirmed I had an infection and I started on antibiotics and drinking a ton of extra liquids. I knew I shouldn’t push myself too hard, so Thursday I cut my speed work down to 4 miles instead of 6 and then I skipped my last 3 mile run for the week to rest.

This morning I made it out for my group run which ended up being a little over 7 miles. It was cold, about 10 degrees (-12C). For the first 1.5 miles I could not feel my hands or toes. Running with a group really does help pass the time and distract me from the cold. I met some of the other members that are training for a half as well.

This coming week is a lighter schedule so that will be good as I recover from this crappy week. Hope you all had a better training week than I did. Happy running!

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