Training Week 3 – Fall Back Week

I’m starting to give up hope that it will ever be warm and snow-less again. This week was a “fall back” week which meant less mileage. This was a good thing since I was still getting over getting sick. My training plan called for 16 miles, but I decide to skip my 6 mile speed workout so I could fully recover since next week is a high mileage week. My total mileage for the week was 10. I moved my Monday 3 mile run to Wednesday and did my normally scheduled 4 mile run on Friday. My birthday is coming up so my parents got me a brand spanking new GPS watch that came in on Thursday. I decided to hit the trail after work Friday afternoon so I could test it out.


SURPRISE! It snowed. Again. It started coming down just as I got to the trail and I didn’t have my Yaktrax with me because I wasn’t expecting this much snow (apparently 2 inches is now considered a “dusting” for us). I had planned to try to do a little more than my scheduled 4, but the slippery conditions forced me to play it safe. I took the above picture from under an overpass.

My fall back “long run” was a nice short 3 miles. Our running group was cancelled since the pathways we run on were still covered in up to 5 inches of snow which would force us to run in the street on busy roads, but I had planned to go at the 3 miles alone anyway. This meant I actually got to stay up past 11pm on a Friday night and sleep in on Saturday morning! For Valentine’s Day my husband cooked us some pasta with scallops and shrimp which is a special treat for us since good seafood is hard to come by here. We watched Captain Phillips and I snuggled with my other Valentine, our puppy Gus.


Unfortunately with the snow my 3 miles was really tough. I HATE running in the snow. Even with Yaktrax it feels like so much effort and I generally run a whole minute slower than race pace. I know that isn’t a bad thing, but it’s frustrating when 3 miles feels difficult. In all honesty, I am really feeling burnt out on winter in general. I’m getting tired of the treadmill, but inches and inches of uneven snow on the sidewalks keeps me inside on the morning during the week for safety reasons. I’m finding it hard to be motivated to train and I’m finding the cold weather in general is tough on my body making it feel a lot harder to run at a good pace when I’m outside. Anytime there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, we’re back to cold temperatures and snow. Next week it’s supposed to get up into the 40s and 50s. I think the last time it was that warm for more than a day was October, but unfortunately the following Monday is forecasted back into the 20s. For now I’ll keep trucking on and hope in the next 2 weeks I will be back outside on snow-less pavement full time for training.

One thought on “Training Week 3 – Fall Back Week

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your new GPS watch. I received mine as a Christmas present last year and have only used it a handful of times…but I love it! Can’t wait til it’s warmer (no more dustings of snow, please!) and it can be used regularly 🙂


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