Training Week Four – Birthday Week

This week was my highest mileage week in training so far and it went really well! Monday morning the ground was still covered with snow so I headed to the gym to get 5 miles in on the treadmill. I ran this a little faster than I have been running and it still felt easy. Wednesday was supposed to be a 8 mile speed workout, but the treadmill “Random Interval” program only allows for a 60 minute run, so I bumped it down and did a 7 mile progressive run with my fastest time at an 8 minute mile. By Thursday morning the snow was FINALLY melted thanks to temperatures finally getting above freezing and some rain. I got a nice easy 4 mile run in. I find I naturally run faster outside and it’s hard to slow my pace down when I’m out for a shorter run. Saturday was absolutely beautiful and also my birthday! My sister and her husband came into town Friday, but I still got up early to meet up with my running group and get my 7 mile long run done. I did a total of 23 miles this week and felt great.

My sister and her husband were supposed to get in early Friday morning, but thanks to bad weather and an even worse airline, they didn’t get in until almost 6pm – 9 hours later than they were supposed to arrive. Luckily since the weather was gorgeous on Saturday and about 40 degrees warmer than it’s been, we all headed to the zoo for the afternoon. Thanks to the unseasonable warm weather, most of the animals were out and active as well.


Kevin and Brad enjoying a beer at the zoo
Kevin and Brad enjoying a beer at the zoo
Myself & my sister after a day at the zoo!
Myself & my sister after a day at the zoo!

Saturday night we headed to a local restaurant for a delicious dinner and some drinks. We headed downtown afterwards, but the crowded bars were not appealing so we just headed home to hang out together.

My husband and me at my birthday dinner!
My husband and me at my birthday dinner!

Sunday morning my sister and I went out to pick up some bagels and coffee for breakfast before we had to drop them back off at the airport. Too short of a trip since we lost our day together Friday.

The exciting news from the weekend was that I not only met my fundraising goal for the American Cancer Society, I exceeded it! Friday night a friend of mine made a very generous donation that helped push me past the $500 mark. On Saturday I turned my Facebook wall off and posted the link to the donation page asking my friends to make a donation instead of sending me a birthday message. As a result, I have now exceeded my fundraising goal by $100 with 10 weeks still to go until race day. I am so lucky and thankful to have so many generous friends and family memebers. I was surprised (in a good way) by the variety of people that made donations.

Next week is another big week of training with 16 miles during the week and the longest run of this race training so far (8 miles) on Saturday for a total of 24 miles.

Hope everyone has a great week of training!

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