Impromptu Rest Day

Yesterday felt like the longest Monday ever. It started with the normal 5:30 a.m. gym visit to get my Monday miles in followed by a full day of work and ending with my eye doctor being an hour behind schedule causing my appointment to be at 5:30 p.m. I didn’t get home until 7 p.m. and I was exhausted! On top of that my hip flexor has been a bit sore which I had been contributing to the fact that I desperately need new shoes. I decided to skip my run today and sleep in. I hadn’t felt a day of exhaustion like yesterday in a long time and the fact that it was following a very relaxing weekend convinced me that I really needed an extra break.

20140304-195632.jpgMy buddy Jess over at Jess Runs Atlanta posted this picture from her Runners World Training Journal today which I found to be pretty ironic considering today was the day I decided to take off. Most times when I skip a workout I feel guilty, but I have really been sticking to my training schedule and today, all day, I felt good about my decision. I even headed over to the running store at lunch to get myself a brand spankin’ new pair of shoes.

Bh7LNMCCUAAdyVz.jpg-largeCue the choir of angels. Technically these are the same shoes I’ve been running in, just a new pair of the newest version. They are the Saucony Hurricane. I have loved them these past few months, but always like to get a few other shoes on my feet just to be sure. I tried a brand new Brooks shoe (not sure what kind) and they felt very comfortable, but the last time I bought Brooks I ran in them for a month before they felt dead and ended up going back and dishing out money for a different pair of shoes. I also tried on the tried & true Asics Kanyano which felt much better with their newest updates. I actually wore the Kanyano for years, but in the past few years they felt too narrow and not supportive enough and that’s when I switched to Saucony Hurricane. One thing I noticed when I switched shoes was that the hamstring pain I always attributed to lacrosse went away. Because of this, I decided to skip the Asics and stick with Saucony.

My hip flexor is feeling much better now and I am looking forward to doing tomorrow’s early morning speed workout in my new shoes.

How do you decide when it’s time to take an unscheduled break? What shoes are you running in?

Happy running!

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