Training Week Six – Is it Race Day Yet?

This was a stressful personal week for me, but still a strong training week. In case you missed it, I got myself a new pair of shoes on Tuesday!

Saucony Hurricane!
Saucony Hurricane!

This week I did a total of 23.74 miles. Here’s what my week looked like:
Monday – 3 mile shakeout run
Tuesday – Skipped my run. This is the first I’ve skipped out of choice since I started training and I actually felt good about my decision.
Wednesday – 5 mile speed workout. This felt much tougher than my past few speed workouts, but I’m attributing that to having a stressful week.
Thursday – FINALLY some nice weather! I headed out to the bike trail after work and decided to “run by feel” for 4-6 miles. I ended up doing 6.16 miles at an average pace of 8:19. This is fast for me and at the end I knew I was going fast, but I felt great so I kept it up.
Friday – Rest day. Didn’t feel sore or run down from the previous day’s run, so I think I just needed to get some extra energy out on Thursday!
Saturday – 9.58 miles with my training group followed by a delicious brunch with Courtney! The trail had a ton of black ice on it and we had to run a very steep hill so it was actually kind of a tough run. At brunch I had poached eggs with prosciutto on toasted bread with a side of greens. It was delicious and nice to get some time to chat with Courtney while we weren’t running for a change!

Right now I am feeling really good and ready for race day. My runs have been going well for the most part, my recovery has also been great, and I think I’m doing very well with nutrition. Over the next few weeks I really need to focus on working on some core strength and reincorporating some free weight workouts into my week. I started out strong with that, but completely fell off the path with it when I got sick. I also need to decide what my race goal time will be. Courtney asked me about this today and I still felt unsure of my answer. I had a great run on Thursday with the 8:19 min/mile pace, but I’m not sure if I could maintain that for 7 more miles. Next week is a fall back week and then the training plan starts taking me into higher mileage so that’s when I will really focus on my race goals.

How do you determine your race goals? Are they based on overall time, overall pace, or something else?

One thought on “Training Week Six – Is it Race Day Yet?

  1. Great, GREAT job on your runs!! You’re awesome!! 😉
    To determine my race goal, I base it on what I want my overall pace to be. My speed/track workouts are a good judge of what I think I can hold for a particular distance race. For my half marathon next Sunday, my average pace goal is 7:25ish (give or take). I want to try to run my second half of the race faster than the first. I then put that pace into a running pace calculator to try to figure out what my goal time should be.
    Good luck with the rest of your training!!! 🙂


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