Book Review – The Never List by Koethi Zan

Before I write about this book, I want to start by saying that I have been reading since the beginning of February, but the first two books (which I will allow to remain nameless) I took out of the library were a complete crash and burn. The first book I quickly knew I wasn’t going to finish. To say the least, it was boring. I returned that one and renewed the other and began to read it. It was off to a good start, but then it began to drag. Filled with fluff, I was losing interest and watching my time tick away with the impending due date. At literally 49% through I called it quits. I decided to look up some books I had written down as ones I wanted to read to see if they were available and just pick those up on my library trip. That paid off, because I pretty much finished The Never List in one day.

The Never List was a quick and easy read. As I’ve mentioned before, I love books with quick short chapters. To keep this post on the shorter side, you can read a plot description here.The story line had a few different elements that kept me turning the pages. How did Sarah escape? What happened to Jennifer? Why do the other former captives feel so negatively towards Sarah?

I felt the action and mystery kept the book moving forward. Nothing was dragged out to the point that I wanted to stop reading. Nothing was so complicated that it made me roll my eyes. The twist at the end was surprising enough, but not necessarily shocking. I think this is a positive thing – I’ve read some where the twist is so “shocking: it almost ruins the story entirely, the author over-shoots. It was a fairly simple story that did not lack suspense or mystery. Overall I really enjoyed this one and recommend it if you’re looking for a quick read.

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