Training Week Ten – Injured

Yep, that’s right – two weeks until taper and one month until the race and I’m injured! I put in a whole 10 miles this week. Luckily it was the last “fall back” week in my training cycle so only getting in 10 miles really isn’t a big deal.

Monday – 5 miles, 8:30 average pace. Met up with one of the women in my pace group during this run and ran a mile together so that was pretty fun.
Tuesday – Rest Day, it was gorgeous out so I decided to take a break to take the pup to the dog park!
Wednesday – 5 miles, 9:30 average pace. This was scheduled to be a recovery run and I woke up with very tired legs so I was happy to take it at a very slow pace. I even ran in my compression socks for the first time ever (I usually only wear them for recovery.) It rained for the first 3.5 miles, but it was actually very enjoyable.

Since my leg was bothering me I decided I would cut out my other two runs this week and finish the week with Saturday’s 5 mile run for a total of 15, but when my leg was still hurting last night after two days off and R.I.C.E treatment I decided to skip out on today’s 5 miles. Earlier this week I registered for a 10K on Sunday which I’m going to have to sit out of as well. I’m more upset about that because, you know, races cost money and I could’ve used that money for something else – like a co-pay for a doctor’s appointment!

Sad face.
Sad face.

Now onto the injury. About a half mile into my run on Monday I felt a twinge of pain on the inside area of my left shin which felt like a knot. This was strange to me because I have never had a knot in that area and my legs haven’t been bothering me at all, but sometimes I have weird pains and knots until I get warmed up. Sure enough, once I got warmed up everything felt normal. Like I said, Wednesday both my legs were tired and sore so I ran in my compression socks and after a shower, wore my other pair for the day. Knowing I had back to back runs this weekend I made the decision to let my legs rest for two days. I did some foam rolling, massaging, icing, and wore my compression socks, but last night my leg wasn’t feeling any better. I broke down and cried because I was completely convinced it is a stress fracture which will put me out of the race I have worked so hard to run. I put a call in to the sports medicine hotline to be set up with an appointment so on Monday or Tuesday I hope to have a doctor’s appointment that won’t leave me in tears.

This morning I have continued with R.I.C.E treatment and I do feel an improvement, but I have no idea what would happen if I tried to run. I’m feeling very restless, but I don’t want to try anything until I’ve seen the doctor. I only have two weeks until taper and even though they are supposed to be the biggest weeks, I have no problem taking a full week off and cutting back on my mileage if it means I can still run the race. Since I already have a lot of miles under my belt (including a 15K race and a 10 mile run last weekend) in this training cycle and it’s not my first half marathon, I’m fairly confidant that I could still run a strong race if I had to cut back miles over these last few weeks.

I’m not sure after training through such a terrible winter (read: 4:30 am wake up calls to get to the gym for a run when the temps were in the negatives, runs so cold I couldn’t feel my hands or feet for over a mile, running in the snow) I could handle being told I have to skip out on the race. So for today and tomorrow I will continue to be bored out of my mind while I rest my leg and hope I can ease back into it mid-week.

Most in my pace group seem to think it’s probably just shin splints, but I haven’t had shin splints since high school and never in this spot so I have no idea! It’s hard to remain positive when all I can do is wait, but I do feel good knowing that I am feeling an improvement in my leg.

4 thoughts on “Training Week Ten – Injured

    1. Thanks! I have seen a lot of improvement over the weekend and did an hour on the bike at the gym today which seemed to loosen things up a lot. I’m feeling about 95% now, but want to see the doc first to be sure and get some guidance on finishing my training!


    1. Thanks! I should probably post an update since I went to the doctor yesterday, but sports med doc thinks I was headed towards a stress fracture had I kept running.


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