Injury Update – Down, but Not Out

Source: Pinterest (Click through no longer worked)
Source: Pinterest (Click through no longer worked)

Just thought I should post an update on my injury now that I’ve seen the doctor. First, thank you for everyone’s kind and supportive messages! I was able to get in to see the sports medicine doctor yesterday afternoon. He pushed and tapped and did a series of exercises where I had to push against his hands. He said he felt I had been headed towards a stress fracture, but avoided it by not continuing to run. While talking about how to finish out my training, I mentioned to him that I had done an hour on the stationary bike on Sunday and my leg actually seemed to feel a bit better after that. His recommendation was to stick to the bike the rest of the week, keep up on icing my leg, and then try a slow, flat 6 mile run on Saturday wearing compression sleeves. He told me if that went fine then I would be good to go and even recommended getting another 10 mile run in the following weekend.

I left the office feeling very happy, especially since he seemed very confident that if I took the rest of the week off from running I would be okay. Later on the stress started again with the questions of “What if my run doesn’t go well on Saturday? What if my leg isn’t feeling better?” By this afternoon my leg was feeling about 97% back to normal and I put in a good 45 minutes on the bike after work. It was a little stiff after that, but after some icing and compression it’s back to feeling good. Now I’m finally starting to feel confident with my progress and a little less stressed about Saturday’s run.

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