Training Week Eleven – Injury Recovery

What a gorgeous day! It seem as though spring is finally here to stay and that is just fantastic. Per my doctor, I took the week off from running and stuck to the bike at the gym. I also cozied up to my compressions socks and lots of ice.

Monday – Rest (Doctor appointment)
Tuesday – 45 minutes stationary bike (16.21 miles)
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 45 minutes stationary bike (15.90 miles), I also walked the dog twice for a total of 2 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 6 miles, 9:12 average pace

I don't have a related photo, so instead you get this one of what my dog was doing while I was out running this morning.
I don’t have a related photo, so instead you get this one of what my dog was doing while I was out running this morning.

I was very nervous for my 6 mile run this morning. The doctor said if everything felt okay then it was full speed ahead to race day. He instructed me to wear compression sleeves to add some support to my leg and to run a very flat course. I headed over to my least favorite bike trail (it’s boring, but very flat) around 8am this morning and set out. Most of the run was me thinking, “Was that a twinge? Does it hurt?” The compression sleeve really made it difficult for me to tell if my leg was hurting or not, but then I finally admitted to myself that I would know if it hurt, I wouldn’t have to think about it.

My legs were stiff, but there wasn’t any noticeable pain. I headed straight home after my run and iced my leg for 20 minutes before I took a shower. It’s feeling pretty good right now, but obviously this will be something that will concern me for probably the next two weeks. This upcoming week is my last big week of training, but I still feel I need to tweak my training plan a bit to stay in the green.

I think I will still be able to run a strong race and finish right around my time for my last half (1:52), but I’m not sure if this will be a PR race for me since I have now lost out on my highest mileage weeks. I think it will really depend on how I’m feeling on race day. I’m okay with that as long as I run a strong race overall.

In other news, I bought a new vacuum yesterday and I am PUMPED for some spring cleaning today. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

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