Whirlwind Week!

Well, this week sure got away from me. Our quarterly sales meeting was this past week which meant all of our remote sales managers were in town. It always makes for a busy, interesting, and exhausting time!

Last Sunday my husband & I had an untraditional Easter. We have been wanting to go out to Ikea for a while now to pick up some new dressers, but our weekends have been so busy! We found out they were open on Easter and serving brunch, so we made the 2ish hour drive out on Easter morning. It was a gorgeous day so a perfect time for a drive.

Gotta have the Swedish meatballs!
Gotta have the Swedish meatballs!

We enjoyed our brunch first, then took some time to look around a bit. We ended up buying the two dressers we had gone there for and a brand new mattress. After the long haul back we spent time together building one of the two dressers before heating up some ham for dinner.

Easter dinner - Ham, baked potato, and salad
Easter dinner – Ham, baked potato, and salad

We were exhausted from the day, so we opted to build the second dresser on Monday. We, of course, had a peaceful night sleep on the new mattress! My husband had Monday off and when I got home from work he was in the finishing stages of building the second dresser. I’m really happy with the results. We were previously using his furniture from college (mine is in the guest room) so now it finally feels like our bedroom instead of his college bedroom.

New dressers! Now to decorate.
New dressers! Now to decorate.

On the injury front, my leg is starting to feel back to normal. I still have a week and a half left before I can run again, but I have been spending time on the bike to keep up my fitness. The upside is that I’m not rungry all the time now and have been enjoying the much more relaxed schedule.

Next weekend is Kevin’s big graduation! We are throwing a party and both of our parents will be in town. It will be another busy week, but I am looking forward to taking Friday off to pamper myself a bit and get things ready for Sunday’s party.

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