A Little Update

Last week was a pretty busy week and then the day finally arrived – Kevin’s graduation day! He is officially a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts. Not to be confused with musical theater… he’s a percussionist). Graduation was on Sunday so I took Friday and Monday off since both of our parent’s came to town.

Me & THE DOCTOR. Great pic if the light from the door wasn't reflecting in his glasses... oops!
Me & THE DOCTOR. Great pic if the light from the door wasn’t reflecting in his glasses… oops!

I had planned a party for Sunday evening with all of our friends from Ohio. I had it partially catered from Fresh Market and cooked the rest of the food (crock pot mac & cheese and pasta salad!) and obviously got a yummy cake made. I also had a special surprise planned – our best friend from college, who also happened to be the best man at our wedding, drove 8 hours from Virginia on Sunday to come celebrate with Kevin. He showed up half way through the party and Kevin was so surprised he got a little choked up. On Saturday I kept yelling at Kevin every time he put something in the guest room, luckily he quickly understood why. It was a pretty difficult secret to keep and one I was very excited about!

Kevin and our best man, Randy!
Kevin and our best man, Randy!

Randy stayed from Sunday until Tuesday and I had originally taken the day off on Monday so I could spend the day hanging out with Kevin & Randy. Unfortunately, I started to feel a bit under the weather last Wednesday. I ended up taking off an extra day from work on Thursday to rest, but having such a busy weekend didn’t leave much time to take it easy. Unfortunately my cold lead to bronchitis so I was on the couch all day Monday by myself instead. Kevin did make me some homemade chicken soup which was great.

That brings me to my training update. Today is 3 weeks since my last run and was supposed to be my first day back to running. It was a beautiful day and would have been a perfect morning for a run. I spent two weeks on the bike and doing other strength training. Since I knew I would be going back to running today, I decided after my workout last Tuesday that I would take the rest of the week off from exercise since there was so much going on with graduation weekend. Obviously with bronchitis I’ll be in no-exercise mode for at least 2 weeks. I was okay taking off from running for injury since I could still do the bike, but not being able to do any true cardio is a bit frustrating. Luckily I will have at least 6 weeks to really build my base up before my actual training really kicks in. I am looking at it as hitting “refresh” and allowing myself to start new with my fitness. More cross and strength training which will hopefully lead to more enjoyable runs. I’ll admit, I was getting a bit burnt out with training before I got hurt. I can at least enjoy some leisurely one mile walks with the dog in the afternoons.

It has been a stressful few months which obviously my body has had a hard time handling! I’m just going to try to embrace the rest of my time off and use it to my advantage to relax.


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