Happy Summer!

Happy unofficial start to summer! My weekend has been great so far and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I took off from work on Friday so I’d have a nice four day weekend stay-cation. Friday morning I went for my first run in almost 6 weeks. I did 2 miles and, while it was tough, I got it done without any pain my leg/foot. I let my body determine the pace which ended up being around 9:23. I did my stretches when I got back and on Saturday I did a 15 minute Nike+ ab workout. This morning I did 2 more miles which felt much easier. Again, I let my body determine the pace which ended up being around 9:18. This made me pretty happy since my “comfortable conversational” pace is 9:15 and that’s the pace group I run with on my Saturday long runs. I feel confident in my recovery so I am going to be registering for a 10 miler that I had been wanting to do. It will be my goal race to get back in shape for fall half training since the race overlaps with my first week of half training.

Happy summer!
Happy summer!

This afternoon I headed to the pool for two good hours. It was sunny and 75 with a slight breeze. A beautiful day for some pool-side reading. I did swim around a bit, but relaxing in the sun just felt amazing, especially after such a brutally cold winter. I will likely head to the pool again tomorrow and then I am heading over to a friend’s house for a cookout in the evening.

This weekend has been relaxing and refreshing – exactly what I have been needing! I hope everyone has had the opportunity to get out and enjoy this weekend.

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