Training Recap

This past week has been pretty good training-wise. I am still trying to get back into the swing of things and allow myself time to rest between runs. I have two races I am hoping to run this summer – a 10 miler and a quarter marathon. Both are in the heat of the summer and my goal for both are just to enjoy them while surviving the heat. I have really been enjoying this pressure-free training. Heat and humidity generally slow me down, so I think this training is coming at a good time since I am not at all focusing on my pace. The summer/fall session of my training group started up again this past Saturday. Since Columbus hosts a huge full marathon in the fall, I am only one of two in the group that is training for a half. The other runner is also coming back from injury so it’s nice to be in the same boat. I had no trouble keeping up with the 9:15 pace group on Saturday (though we were all running a little bit slower it seems) and enjoyed being back in the group atmosphere.

Weekly training
Weekly training

Our training group also has a sports medicine doctor that specifically associates  with our program. He is generally hard to get into, but I called the office on Monday morning and was able to get in with him Thursday morning. I am starting PT tomorrow to help strengthen my tibias muscle. My leg/foot have actually been in less pain, but it still isn’t back to what I would consider normal. The PT I will be working with is a marathon runner and generally works specifically with runners – in fact, he is currently working with 3 other people in my pace group! I have been given the go-ahead to keep running as long as I can do so without limping (which has not been a problem at all). The doc also evaluated the wear pattern on my shoes and said he thinks they are supporting me fine, but I have to bring them in to have the PT evaluate to determine if I need an insole.

Perfect day in Columbus!
Perfect Friday in Columbus!

The weather here has been amazing. Friday morning I worked from home and took a half day so I could head to the annual arts festival. My husband was performing with another group, so I met a friend for lunch downtown and then walked to the festival to watch him play. Afterward, we spent the afternoon at the festival exploring the booths and just enjoying our awesome city. I, of course, have also been working my way through season 2 of Orange is the New Black!

Perfect Sunday morning
Perfect Sunday morning

I hope everyone has had a great week and had some beautiful weather as well. It’s rainy here today, so the perfect Sunday to unwind and get some chores done around the house.

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