Columbus HM Training Week 1 & 2

Week 1 & 2 are in the books! 10 weeks until the Columbus Marathon/Half Marathon. I have been consistently running to get back into shape, but my first two weeks of training met me both with their own sets of challenges.

Columbus HM Training Week 1
Columbus HM Training Week 1

My first week of training went pretty well. Pretty low mileage and just taking it easy for a total of 11 miles. Unfortunately last Tuesday we received the sad & fairly unexpected news that my husband’s grandmother passed away so throughout the week I was working, training, getting things together to go out of town, and trying to pick up some extra weight around the house so my husband could have some time for himself. We needed to leave Saturday to make the trip down to southern Virginia, so since the mileage for the day was very low I decided to sleep in a little bit and do a solo run to have a little time to myself. A few hours later we headed down to Roanoke, Virginia.

Gus riding on my lap in the car
Gus riding on my lap in the car

Since the hills in Roanoke are some of the toughest around (they recently re-routed their marathon so it would be the toughest in the nation instead of the second toughest in the nation!), I decided to leave my running gear at home and keep my full attention on my husband and his family. Walking the dog every morning on the hills was pretty good low-zone cross training.

Columbus HM Training Week 2
Columbus HM Training Week 2

Despite being out of town for 2 days of my second week I still managed to get 14 miles in for the week, only missing out on my Monday morning shake out. At first glance 7 miles may seem like quite an aggressive long run for my second week, but I have been doing Saturday runs with my training group for a few weeks already and have done several 4-5 mile runs while building a base.

Though my foot and leg still aren’t quite 100%, I have been feeling pretty good and have been happy to glance down at my watch once in a while and realize that I am running in the 8’s and need to slow down! A few weeks ago I accepted that I would not be having a PRing half in October due to my injury, but I think if I continue to be smart about my training I can still have a strong race which will make me a very happy runner.

Next week I have 18 miles total. Though this seems like a big jump, had I not missed my Monday run this past week my total mileage would have been 17. I am looking forward to another good week and hope my foot and leg continue to hold up and stay pain-free.

Happy running!

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