Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 3

I can’t believe I am only 3 weeks in and that there are still 9 weeks to go. Having been working on building my base back up since June, it feels like I have been training forever and that time has been flying by.

HM Training: Week 3
HM Training: Week 3

Week 3 was a little rough for me. My leg was feeling funny after Monday so I wanted to take it easy. I ended up pushing my Thursday run to Friday, but the weather Friday morning was 52 degrees and clear which was perfect. I decided to use that to my advantage to push my pace a little. I haven’t really been doing speed work since I am trying to take it easy on my leg/foot and because I have accepted that I won’t be having a PRing race – for now my goal for the half marathon is just to enjoy it and finish it strong so I can get back to resting and figuring out what is actually wrong with my leg.

Yesterday’s 8 miler went pretty well. It took me a little while to get into my rhythm, but the weather was gorgeous and when my pace coach and I turned back from the group (all marathon trainees doing more mileage) we actually started out too quickly. It gave me confidence that I can have a strong race if the October weather cooperates and stays cool and not humid.

This morning my leg was bothering me, but I did some stretching and now it’s feeling pretty good. I really think I need a good massage, but am still on a hunt to find the best place to go. Next weekend I am running a quarter marathon. My plan is to run it by feel, but try not to go any slower than my Saturday pace of 9:15. Again, this will really depend on the weather. My muscles swelling in the humidity really aggravates my leg and foot and makes it tough for me to keep a good pace.

Happy training!

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