Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 4

After a great 8 miler last Saturday, I woke up Monday morning with a terrible PF flare up. Frustrated, I made an appointment with a sports chiropractor for Tuesday morning. He was the first of three doctors to diagnose me with a fallen arch. I learned some exercises to strengthen my arch back up and was given a back stretch to do so we could figure out if my calf problem might be connected to an issue with my back. By Wednesday afternoon I was feeling a bit better and decided to do a short, easy 2 miler. My goal was to be able to get my quarter marathon long run in this weekend. Friday afternoon I faced the heat and humidity and did a very slow and tough 3 miler.

Emerald City Quarter Marathon
Emerald City Quarter Marathon

I woke up this morning with very little PF pain. I did some stretching and taped up my PF area to give it some extra support. I had planned to simply run the Emerald City Quarter Marathon as my long run for the weekend and try to enjoy it despite the heat. When I lined up in my corral, I found myself surrounded by my training pace group whom had just completed 9 miles on their own and were ready to do the half marathon to complete their last long run before their taper for their marathon. The first 2.5 miles of this quarter marathon was the most fun I’ve had in a race, ever. We ran at our normal training pace and chatted all along the way (which I am sure was not appreciated by those that may have been taking the race seriously, but oh well!) Then I had to break off from the group.

I felt pretty good most of the time, but my ankle started to hurt at the end. After I finished, my husband & I stuck around to watch the half marathon leader finish and then headed out to breakfast. I iced my foot when I got home, took a shower, and did some serious stretching before taking a nap. My leg/foot feel… interesting, fatigued I guess. I have another appointment with the chiro tomorrow afternoon so I am not too concerned about it today, I am just going to try to take it easy on it the rest of the day..

It wasn’t my strongest week of training, in fact it was probably my toughest and most disappointing so far, but it was nice to get out to a race and get a medal just for my long run. This upcoming week is a fall back week so I only have 3 scheduled for Saturday and I think this is a good thing. I am still continuing with my main goal for my fall half marathon: run the race, enjoy the race, try to finish the race with a decent time (under 2 hours), then take some time off to heal and strengthen things up before I embark on my winter/spring half marathon training in preparation for training for my first full next summer.

A full race recap will be coming later this week. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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