Race Week!

Wow, and so it has arrived – race week! This training cycle has been frustrating, fun, exciting, and everything in-between. I am so happy and thankful to train with such a great group of people every Saturday morning. Last season I didn’t make it to the race due to injury, so I am really looking forward to taking everything in since this is my first race where I will have a larger support system.

Half marathon #3!
Half marathon #3!

Bib numbers and corral assignments went out yesterday. For the first time in my racing career, I have been assigned to corral A! I was so pumped to find this out yesterday. I signed up for the race before my PF flared up so I won’t likely run as fast as I had been planning since I had to cut down on my speed work and overall mileage. I still feel fine starting out with the A corral knowing that there is a good majority of full marathon runners in it that aren’t going to be bursting out of the start line.

There are a few from my training group in my corral running the full, including one of my coaches and one of the women that ran on my relay team. They are planning to pace a little faster than me, but I look forward to hanging with them in the corral for the nice long 45ish minute wait that we will be in there and then pacing behind them.  Who knows? Maybe I will feel great and catch up with them in the later miles, but I’m not putting a lot of pressure on myself. I am going to find a faster pace that is still comfortable and go from there. The nice thing about this race is that the full marathoners don’t break off until mile 12, so it will be a nice size crowd for my entire race.

Race week brings with it a list of to-dos for me. Here’s what my list looks like:

Get corral assignment and bib number: Check!
Obsessively check on the race-day weather
Pick up bib & shirt at the expo: Heading there during my lunch break on Friday with a coworker that is also running, very convenient.
Figure out parking: Check! We have a parking plan, but pre-purchased a garage space for $6 as back up. I figure if we don’t use it, it’s only $6.
Figure out race day outfit: Check! Well, sort of. I have two options depending on what the temperatures finally settle on. They have both been put aside.
Get to bed early: I did a good job of this last night and my husband is well aware of how serious I am about early bed times this week.
Eat healthy and hydrate (no alcohol this week!)
Get race day bag together: This includes my parking pass, post-race clothing, race fuel, and other things I have to have on race day.
Charge my running watch
Charge my iPod
Come up with a race day strategy
: Just kidding. My strategy is always the same – find a comfortably fast pace, push through when it gets rough, enjoy the race.
Freshen up my playlist: Any suggestions?

The weather keeps changing, hoping for a warmer start.
The weather keeps changing, hoping for a warmer start.

I may not check in again until next week to do a little race recap. I took Monday off from work so I can sleep in and relax all day. I am really looking forward to an exercise-free week. I had planned to take a few weeks off from running, but my foot has been feeling pretty normal so we’ll see how I feel after my zero week.

Have a great week and good luck to everyone that is racing this week – Columbus & beyond!

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