2015 Races & Goals

It’s hard to believe, but in 4 short weeks we will be ringing in 2015. I have been thinking about what races I’d like to run in 2015 since I finished my half marathon in October, but when my friend Jessica over at Jess Runs Atlanta asked me about it the other day, I thought it would be a good post topic.

Capital City Half Marathon: This was my first half marathon in 2013, but I had to drop out this year due to injury. I toyed with the idea of running Pittsburgh in 2015, but unfortunately I already know that my husband has to work that weekend so I am going to stay in town.

Columbus 10K: I love a good 10K and had my sights set on this one last year, but again couldn’t participate due to injury. It’s a race I’d love to run this year.

Scioto 10 Miler: This is a neat race that takes place along the river that I have been wanting to do for 2 years. I had decided not to do it this year after taking time off, but we ended up being out of town that weekend anyway. Hopefully I can fit it in this year!

Emerald City Half Marathon: This past year I did the quarter marathon as a training run for my fall half marathon and I plan to incorporate this in as part of my training for my first marathon.

Columbus Marathon: I’ll admit, I would love to run Richmond as my first full, but this is the goal race for my training group and there will be plenty of moral support to get me through my first full.

Once I have my training schedules planned out for my half and full, I will probably sprinkle in some other races as training runs or speed work. I am hopeful I will get a relay in there somewhere, too. For now, these are the main races I hope to run in 2015.

My biggest running goal for 2015 is to finish my first full marathon. My other goals are all stepping stones to reach that big goal. For example, my goal for my spring half marathon is to get back into shape and stay healthy to prepare for training for my full. I have already begun to incorporate cross training into my routine and have kicked my butt back into strength training consistently once a week. I have been working with my chiropractor once a month to work on getting my full range of motion back in my hips to decrease my chance of injury. If I’m going to train for and finish a full marathon, I want to do it the best way possible and make sure my body is ready and I can run a strong race.

Next weekend my training group is having a private yoga class at the studio where I did my Yoga for Runners workshop. I have been starting to incorporate yoga into my training routine so I am really looking forward to this group class!

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