Week 3: Base Building

Week three of base building was a successful one. I was finally able to get outside and I finished the week with 13 miles total. My first week of my half marathon training will be a total of 15.5 miles during the second weekend of February, so I am well on my way. Here’s what my week looked like:

Sunday – Private yoga with my running pace group
Monday – 2 mile treadmill run, 9:27/mi pace
Tuesday – 30 minute cross training on the stationary bike
Wednesday – 3 miles outside, 9:42/mi pace
Thursday – 2 miles outside, 9:07/mi pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 6.2 miles outside, 9:13/mi pace

Wednesday was a cold morning. The night before the forecast said it would be 8F, but when I got up it was only 3F. I was so tired of being in the gym that I went for it anyway. I felt weighed down with my layers and slowed by the unsuspected cold. Luckily, there was no wind chill which helped a lot.

What I look like for a morning run in 3F weather.
What I look like for a morning run in 3F weather.

My Saturday run was only supposed to be 5 miles, but for some reason we did 6 (not sure why, our pace coaches really aren’t supposed to do that). I wasn’t happy about it at all. I don’t want to push my mileage or my training and even though a whole mile doesn’t seem like it should make a difference, I hadn’t run 6 miles or even 5 miles since October, so it didn’t seem like the best idea to jump it. My hip flexors are a bit tight today, but I am thankful this upcoming week is a fall-back week and next Saturday’s run will only be 3 miles. We also go ahead of ourselves on Saturday and ran our 3rd mile at an average pace of 8:50. My BRF and I were definitely feeling it in that mile. Our pace coach in the back was yelling up to the front to slow down. I guess the people up front were just excited for us to be running together in slightly warmer weather (27F).

I took the dog for a 1 mile walk this morning, but plan to take it easy the rest of the day and really savor my Sunday rest day this week. Lazy Sunday’s are the best!

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