Week 4: Base Building

I can’t believe how quickly the month of January has gone and that this upcoming week is the last week of the month already. I usually feel that January drags along after two months of holiday festivities and time off from work. Work has been super busy and I have been sticking to my running plan, so I think that has helped pass the time. The weather was fairly mild this week so I was able to get all of my runs done outdoors. Today we’re on a Winter Weather Advisory with a possibility of 3-6 inches of snow. I’m hoping for just 3 so I don’t have to spend the entire week on the treadmill! Week 4 of base building was a “cut back” week, which was great after last Saturday’s impromptu 10K training run. Here’s what this past week looked like:

Sunday – Rest Day
Monday – 2 miles outside, 9:29/mi pace
Tuesday – Weights, 30 minutes XT on the stationary bike
Wednesday – 3 miles outside, 9:20/mi pace
Thursday – 2 miles outside, 9:11/mi pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 3 miles outside, 9:20/mi pace

Saturday’s run was pretty crappy, but sometimes crappy runs happen. I have one more week of base building before I move into full on half marathon training which will mean upping my mileage a bit and adding in some speed work. I’m looking forward to getting back to 5 mile morning runs, but slowly building up is the key.

Gus pretty much summed up how I was feeling this morning.
Gus pretty much summed up how I was feeling this morning.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon trying on bridesmaids dresses for my BRF’s wedding. I think we have all pretty much settled on our dresses, but I was exhausted when I got home. This afternoon I will spend a few hours in volunteer training for Girls On the Run. I am volunteering as a running buddy for the spring program that begins in March.

I hope everyone had a great week of training and a relaxing weekend!

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