Questions for Runners

Yesterday, Kristin at Stamped with a Heart posted this Running Survey. I thought it was pretty cute and I haven’t really seen something like this since the days of MySpace, so I thought I’d give it a whirl!


{1} Morning vs. evening runner? Definitely a morning runner! I like starting the day with a good run and love the peacefulness of the early morning.

{2} Funniest race sign I’ve ever seen? “’May the odds be ever in your favor.’ -The Capitol” (from The Hunger Games). Saw this at the race this past fall and it made me laugh out loud while I was running.

{3} Two words that describe me as a runner? Determined & focused

{4} Minimalist vs. traditional running shoes? Traditional running shoes. I love cushioning and I prefer to be comfortable when I run.

{5} Something quirky that I do while running? I’ve never really thought about it, I think sometimes I hum along to my music.

{6} Ultimate running motivator? The feeling of accomplishment I have after every completed run – good or bad!

{7} Fave post-run meal? A big ol’ brunch – usually something with eggs, cheese, and/or meat with a side of wheat toast/English Muffin & peanut butter. Sometimes a protein shake, depending on the length of the run.

{8} Taper: Love or hate? I haven’t run a marathon yet, so I don’t think I have experienced a true taper to make a decision on this. I’m sure I will hate it and feel as though I am somehow losing fitness.

{9} While running: Daydreamer or total observer? Depends on the day and the run. In the morning I tend to be more observant simply because I am watching my surroundings, but I do drift into day dream – especially if I’m on the treadmill.

{10} Place I sweat the most while running? Same as Kristin – the elbow pit!

{11} Piece of advice for any runner reading this? Don’t compare yourself to others – your “slow” pace is someone else’s dream “fast” pace.

{12} Tired legs: How do I handle fatigue? I have pretty strong mental motivation, I keep pushing on. I tend to listen to “inspirational” music to keep me going (for example, OneRepublic’s “I Lived” has been on my running playlist for about a year and a half). One of my favorite mantra’s to repeat to myself is from the back of my sister’s old high school cross country shirt, “Run hard when it’s hard to run.” I also have a Switchfoot song title on my Road ID – “Burn out Bright.” The main lyrics go something like, “If we’ve only got one try / If we only get one life / If time was never on our side / Well, before I die I wanna burn out bright.”

There you have it! 12 questions for runners answered by me. What are your answers?

One thought on “Questions for Runners

  1. Eeeek!!! Love your answers! We’re too cool!!! Seriously, we both love The Hunger Games and that sign is absolutely amazing!! Really made me laugh! Also, we both sweat in the elbow pit! Too cool! Your #12 answer is so motivating- you’re very inspirational! I totally totally agree with #11, too- comparing yourself to other runners can steal your joy. You’re the best!! XOXO


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