January Wrap Up

Wow, January really went by quickly. I spent the month working on building my base back up to get ready to train for my spring half marathon. I technically still have another week before I need to start training, but I like to throw an extra week into my training plan in case I get sick or we have a freak blizzard and I can’t train for a week.

We had some snow overnight last Sunday, so I got up early to clean off the car and shovel before heading to the gym for my run. It was around 5 am and very quiet and peaceful out. Unfortunately, part of my running route is on a winding road that doesn’t have a sidewalk, so snowy or icy roads force me inside for safety reasons. I was really enjoying being outside, so I decided to spend time shoveling my neighbor’s driveway and count it as my cross & weight training for the week. My arms and back were sore the next day, so I guess it paid off! Here’s what my week looked like:

Sunday – Rest Day
Monday – 30 min shoveling snow for cross/weight training
Tuesday – 3 miles treadmill, 9:30/mi pace, last .25 at race pace
Wednesday – 3 miles treadmill, progressive run with fastest pace at 8:21/mi
Thursday – 2 miles treadmill, 9:16/mi pace
Friday – Yin Yoga
Saturday – 5 miles outside, 9:10/mi pace

Saturday morning’s run started out cold, but it was a run with my training group which always makes it enjoyable. It was a bit snowy and icy in some spots of the trail, but our pace coaches kept us at a very even splits and I warmed up after about a mile.

Total Miles for January – 51 miles
Total Miles for 2015 – 51 miles

I’m pretty happy with how January went, especially coming off of over a month of not running. My two goals for the month were 1) Don’t miss any cross training sessions and 2) Don’t skip any runs, unless I felt my body needed a break. I did technically miss two cross training sessions, but they were both due to having to shuffle my schedule for snow to keep my runs in and I still put in some type of effort even if it wasn’t my 30 minute cycling. I didn’t skip or shorten any of my runs and my recovery has been going well.

Here are my February goals: 1) Yoga once a week 2) Core work twice a week 3) No missed runs (unless I feel my body needs more recovery).

Tomorrow kicks off training for my spring race, but we are supposed to get some snow overnight so I guess we’ll see how this week goes!

4 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

  1. Yay, kick off training for a spring race sounds fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Great job on your runs and way to be dedicated. I love how active you are. You are truly amazing and should be so proud of yourself. Have a beautiful Monday! XOXO


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