A Week of Dinners

Warning: Picture heavy post!

It often seems that people are surprised when they hear that my husband and I cook dinner 5 nights a week. Maybe it’s because we’re 20-somethings with no children, but this fact about us usually raises some questions. How do we find the time to cook? How do we know how to cook? How do we know what to cook?

My husband and I both enjoy cooking and, in my opinion, my husband is actually a pretty great cook. Since we both work, I usually plan out our dinners for the week before we go grocery shopping so there’s no question of what we’re going to have and if we have the right things to make it. If Tuesday night comes and we want what’s planned for Thursday night, then we can just switch. I also look for meals that don’t take a lot of prep or cook time so I don’t have to worry about doing meal prep on the weekend. I usually Google for recipes and pin them to Pinterest or I use my favorite Martha Stewart Cookbook that I picked up at a used book store. While I’m cooking, I love listening to the podcast RadioLab.

Anyway, here’s what a week of dinners look like for us.

Sunday: Our grocery store makes some great sausage in-house. I picked up some spicy Italian sausage with parmesan cheese for this easy pasta dish. We often have edamame or salad as a side to our pasta.

Spicy Italian sausage with linguine.
Spicy Italian sausage with linguine.
Hearty side salad
Hearty side salad. If you’re not a salad fan, try giving it variety. This salad has spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes, onion, broccoli, cucumber, and chickpeas.

: I love being able to roast things in the oven. It’s easy to prep and I can relax or get some stuff done around the house while it cooks. Monday night I made roasted turkey thighs and a side of sauteed peas with mushrooms.

Roasted Turkey Thighs and Peas with Mushrooms
Roasted Turkey Thighs and Peas with Mushrooms

: I love lamb shoulder chops. They are tasty, easy, and inexpensive. We had lamb shoulder chops with a side of baked yam. It was delicious.

Lamb with yam!
Lamb with yam!

: Wednesday nights we go out to dinner! We started doing this last year when we both had a rough day and really just wanted to get out. It became somewhat of a tradition. A great way to break up the week by getting out of the house. Since my husband usually works Friday nights and I get up early to go running on Saturday, this is a great alternative to Friday night out. This particular Wednesday I was feeling stressed and wanted some chicken wings!

Thursday: I forgot to take a picture of our food on Thursday, but we had pan-seared steak, a baked potato, and sauteed green beans.

Friday: I like to use the Crock Pot on Friday night. I never feel like cooking when I get home from work and sometimes I go to yoga and don’t get home until 7:30. In an effort to avoid ordering out, I started actively trying to use the Crock Pot on Friday night. This week we had pork tenderloin with a side of spaghetti squash.

Delicious slow cooker pork and a side of squash.
Delicious slow cooker pork and a side of squash.

There you have it! Cooking 5 nights a week can be pretty simple if you plan ahead. Aim to mix up your main protein every night (pork, red meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian) and it becomes even easier to plan. Don’t forget a side of veggies!

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